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Revlon Photoready Cream Blush Coral Reef Review

Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Coral Reef is an intense true coral. When I was done clicking these pics + looking directly at the bright sky, I started seeing coral spots...or bubbles. Very weird.
This cream blush is like no other cream blush I've used before, and I couldn't wait to tell you all about it!

Yes, I like to whip all cream products =D
Texture: It is a cream blush that feels more spongy than creamy- almost like a mousse, but blends into a smooth powdery finish. It is easier to blend than a liquid cheek tint , and merges better with the skin than other cream blushes. If you have oily/greasy skin, this is probably the type of cream blush that's appropriate for you.
How to use: I apply it with fingers. Dot 3-4 spots on the apples of my cheeks & rub/blend them in circular motions. Although, this is one cream blush that will work with only a brush.
Finish:  It's matte, no shimmer. 
The Color: Coral Reef is gorgeous! It may look like an overly bright & ott color, but after it's blended it fades into a subtle tint. If I layer it, it makes me look like when I'm feeling too hot from the heaters in the winters (or....when I see....nevermind.) I wore a little bit of it here
Longevity: It doesn't budge, but starts to fade after 5-6 hours on a regular day.
Packaging: Comes in a pot similar to Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. I wish they made it flip top with a mirror like the Topshop Cream Blush instead. In my little head, that would suit the 'Photoready' name more, not to mention the price tag. 
On lips? I don't know if it can be used on lips, but I tried anyways. It feels powdery matte. The color shows up light peach.

Coral Reef Swatch. 

It's wonderful! I can't find anything wrong with it. Well, except the packaging, if I'm nitpicking. That sought-after 'blush  from within'? 3 dots of this, and you're there!

Price ~ £7.99 (Rs.711)
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4.8/5
From Superdrug. It is available in two more shades- Pinched (light peach) & Flush (hot pink). I might get Flush when there's an offer or sale.
I don't think it's available in India yet. But it should be launched.  

What do you think? If you have not seen it yet, I have posted my favorite cream blushes here 

Have a great weekend, everyone. Have you watched Twilight Breaking Dawn 2? I might go see it today, but I also want to go shopping (can't do both). I'm craving jewelry! Decisions decisions! =) 

♥ Cynthia Z *.* 


  1. How intense and beautiful. Would love to see how it looks on you. x

  2. oh how gorgeous! I'm gonna get this someday! :D

  3. Would love to see it on you...I never tried a cream blush yet!

  4. woooow... its sooo pretty.:)
    such a beautiful color:)

  5. That color looks lovely! I am a big fan of cream blushes and after this review, I am waiting for this product to launch in India soon.

    Much love

  6. That is such a bright coral-orange colour. It will look great on Indian skin tones!! Good job, Cynthia! :)

  7. That looks fab..yes it did remind of Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge packaging..

  8. The post is describing the Revlon photoreday cream blush coral. It is a great product. Good post


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