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Beyond Vanity ~ Autumn Leaves & Scented Candles

While vacuuming the kitchen floor, I looked out and saw autumn leaves all over one side of our backyard (thank you, neighbour's tree!) They look so beautiful! It hasn't been raining much, so they're dry & photo-friendly. Two things that have been making my make-up room smell (like heaven) really nice came to mind - Glade Scented Candles.
Purple is Winter Berries ~ So sweet & fruity. It smells like my favorite mints of all time Wrigley's Extra Forest Berries, which I've only seen in Malaysia.
Pink is With Love ~ This smells a princess. Somewhat like the Lakmé Perfect Radiance Day Cream (that just occurred to me, so proud of my nose!)
Price ~ Around Rs.200 each, which is not bad for the quality.
I don't know if these are available in India, but Glade does have some fun stuff. I loved those Touch & Fresh bathroom air fresheners, and was kind of addicted to the lemon one  =)

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♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. Beautiful Pics:)
    I have seen the glade Touch and Fresh and one more variant, but haven't come across the candles yet... need to find these now :)

  2. ohh these are really pretty :) would love to have them if i see them around here :)

  3. I like the touch and fresh lemon one too :)....since Diwali is round the corner, the stores are flooded with fragrance diyas and candles but havnt seen the Glade ones in store yet.

    1. Will miss seeing all those Diwali stuff! :)


  4. I have have the purple one, smells gorgrous and it's nearly gone aleady :) x

  5. Yes, autumn leaves are so beautiful. I like these candles' packaging.

  6. Love the pics :)

  7. I love these candles the scents are really good :)


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