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Colorbar Spearmint Eye Shadow + 3 More Shades

I'm obsessed with the color Mint these days, so I thought I should own a good mint eye shadow too. I googled, but couldn't find anything I liked:
  • Too light.
  • Too chalky.
  •  Uhm, that's too green/blue to be mint!
Then I saw Colorbar Spearmint, and fancied it enough to buy it. Of course, 300 rupees ($5.35) made it easy. It has a pearl finish, which is better for a pastel shade, coz matte pastels tend to look chalky.
"Use Before 06/12" Wth? I forgot to check the manufacturing date!

My only complaint is, the shadow pan gets stuck like that and it's very hard to pull it out

It is quite pigmented, blends smoothly, and no fall-out.
Dupe for: I compared, and it is a little similar to MAC Steamy.
Price ~ Rs.300
My Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5 (Packaging- 2/5)

I also got some more: 
Spearmint, Flirt (This is almost similar to Colorbar I-Glide Pencil Flirty Turq), Star Violet, Heatwave

Will swatch the others too in sometime.

You liking any of these?

P.S. THANK YOU so much everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes! :)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. very colourfullll....

  2. love the flirt and star violet

  3. i love this shade but i think the purple one looks much more interesting :D

  4. I absolutely loved the first picture, taken beautifully. Too bad about the expiry date. get the product returned and get a new one. it's not fair.

    1. Thanks! I've already used it, so I don't think they'll take it back =\


  5. love the minty green shadow :) xx

  6. suepr gorgeous! i love mint and have been wearing it as nail polish a lot lately :D


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