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Illamasqua Sophie-I Collection & Technique: Video Tutorial

Illamasqua works very closely with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and the latest collaboration with them has produced the Sophie-I Collection and Technique, now developed further with a look by Creative Director Alex Box.
About Sophie Lancaster: Sophie Lancaster was beaten to death, in 2007, for dressing different (Gothic). Sophie sustained brutal beatings while trying to protect & cradling her boyfriend, who was knocked unconscious. You can read more about the heartbreaking story here

The video below will show you how to create this Sophie-I look above:

Hope you picked up some tips & support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation too.

To purchase the Sophie-I Collection online, you can go here . Illamasqua ships worldwide.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. this collection looks like it could be for me...hmm

  2. I didn't know this Sophie story until I read your post. It was horrifying to read about how she was attacked becoz she dressed "goth".. So troublin that some people are so judgmental & prejudiced to the point of sickness, that they just cannot tolerate anything different.

    I'm glad that illasmasqua has taken this up as a cause :)


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