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New Eyeshadow Palettes, New Wishlist

All I want for Christmas are these eyeshadow palettes. But not the last one!

  • Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Enhancing Universal Looks Holiday 2011, $11: Oh-My-Gosh! Tell me you don't want that lacy Naked palette with the little bow. Tell me you don't want the Smoky palette with the bling. Tell me you don't want ALL OF THEM! 

  • The Balm Nude 'Tude, $36 ~ I'd even frame that and hang it on my wall! Hats off to the designer of this palette. It is nuderfect! (No? Per-nude-fect?)
  • NYX Butt Naked Palette, $25 ~ Here comes the exile. The person who thought of it must have been thinking "Hmm....what would make this palette stand out from all the Nakeds? Ooh! I know...I know! B-u-t-t." *writes it down on a piece of paper and instinctively sketch a butt next to it* Coz that's what I would do, except I wouldn't take myself seriously. If the packaging was cuter and the colors impressive, maybe I would've been able to accept the.....I just realized I don't even like the word.

Which ones do you fancy?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. omg this nyx nude palette is gorgeous!!! xx

  2. Nice...very very nice
    I loved the smoky one the mose,,cute packaging too :D :)

  3. Thank you Cynthia for sharing this with us. But the question is where can we buy the Physicians Formula eye pallets from? (:

  4. All of these just made me go D-R-O-O-L CZ!!!! Wowww!! :D

  5. I'd buy all of Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips pallets. Nude one is a must have. Perfect shades for every day look. If only they sold Physicians Formula here where I live... I'll have to find a dupe for it...


  6. loveeeeeeing the PF ones and then the Etude also..

    NYX :-((

  7. They are all too pretty! thanks for sharing. Am going to update my wishlist now! hehe

  8. I want...all of these...~sobs~ WHY DO YOU ENABLE ME SO?!

  9. I have the blam nude'tude and it's gorgeous

  10. the palettes are all amazing but nyx palettes are not that good like the singles,the way u photo products makes me want it sooo bad..I love your blog

  11. I have the NUDEtude palette from The Balm.. And it's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G I love it, I use it every day It's worth it for sure..


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