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The Best Things Are FREE! New U Pearl Jewelry Set

Let's start off this Monday by looking at some FREE pretties! You know I like me some prese...err...I mean free gifts with purchase. "Give us your monies, and we'll geeve you thees..."

New U is having a "Festival of Beauty", where you get free gifts with your purchase:
  • Shop worth Rs.250 & above ~ Get Pearl Earrings worth Rs.79/- FREE.
  •   "        "      Rs.500 & above  ~   "   Pearl Bracelet & pearl Earrings worth Rs.149/- FREE.
  •   "        "      Rs.1000 & above ~   "   Pearl Necklace & pearl Earrings worth Rs.349/- FREE.
  •   "        "      Rs.1500 & above ~   "   Fancy Pearl Necklace & Pearl Earrings worth Rs.499/- FREE.
*I shopped worth over Rs.1200, so I must have gotten the second last one. I have no idea how the "Fancy" pearl set looks like. More diamantes, I guess.

Aren't they pretty? I love pearl jewelry, so I very happy with them. Especially since I didn't know this offer was going on until I have paid for my stuff. It was a very happy ending.

P.S. Another FREE gift is coming next ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. pretty cz..n we girls luvvvv it wen its free!!!

  2. i recently shopped at new u too, and got the pearl earrings. love the necklace too. may be i'll remember to shop more there next time i visit :D

  3. That's seriously gorgeous! I love it! I'm a huge pearl girl.

  4. Pavani- haha...of course we do!


  5. Blue- yes yes, u do that :D



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