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Stiletto Hardware For Comfy Shoes!

Some stuff their bras, some stuff their pants, I stuff my shoes. Most of you know I have tiny & slender feet and I don't find grown-up shoes that fit properly. I have bought all types of padding from Scholl- some good, some useless. So, to sum it all up, my feet suffer terribly after a day in high heels. That's why I was more than happy to try out Stiletto Hardware insoles.

About Stiletto Hardware:
"No more walking home barefoot" is the tagline. These insoles were created by Kelly Chung, after she had bunion surgery in 2008. Stiletto Hardware insoles absorb shock and mold to your feet, thanks to a top layer of memory foam, yet are virtually invisible in your shoes. Other features:
  • Sophisticated and thin design
  • Antifungal and anti-microbial
  • Made with Poron
  • Strong adhesive backing but also easy to remove without ruining your expensive shoes
  • Made in USA

There are 3 types: Ultra Slender Ball-Of-Foot Cushions, Heel Cushions & Ball-Of-Foot Cushions (big size)
You can remove liner from the back if you want to stick them to your shoes.

I tested the big Ball-Of-Foot-Cushions on a new pair of shoes that barely fit me- reason why I've never worn them outside the house.

*Actually, the cushion is supposed to face the other way (as shown here), but it works fine this way too :)

Tada! I walked...I jumped...I danced. Not only this pair, I even used the same cushion on my bow shoes (that I'd never worn for long coz they are very loose) and I could walk. I. COULD.WALK.

Tested the same cushions on my black peep-toe slingbacks too and the strap behind no longer slipped down when I walked.

♥  They are smooth and soft, making shoes more comfortable.
♥  It's not necessary to stick them to your shoes. I prefer it that way, so it's easier for me to switch them from one pair to another.
♥  The glue behind doesn't spoil my shoes. I had a pair of shoe padding which ruined my shoes in the past6. 
♥  My favorite shoes finally fit! *Clap Clap* (Proof above)

-  Packaging could be better. 
-  Quite pricey at $7.95 (Rs.380.00) a pair. But if you plan to buy just 1 for all your shoes then it's justified.
-  They don't ship to India at the moment. If you live in India & have tiny feet like mine, demand! Maybe they'll listen ;)

Would I repurchase? Yes. At least 2 types will come in handy. It's very possible I might need them for the rest of my life.

Price ~ $7.95 (Rs.380.00)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure: Products sent by the company for consideration. As always, all opinions are my own & I am not being paid for this.


  1. Can't wait to try these out! I have so many shoes that are "dinner only" because they are so uncomfortable!

  2. These are Amazingggg..Cyntha!!! Woww... :D

  3. thes r lyk a must-haves!!
    nice post!!

  4. thats nice..great that you can use all of ur heels happily now :)

  5. I have unevenly sized feet so something like this is perfect for me! Once I get around to putting them in my shoes I mean.

  6. nice nail paint !!!
    I just could notice only ur lovely nails and nail paint !!!

  7. hey i wear size four ! i never get my size . will these work for me ??

  8. vijayta- Ya, they will- if they work for me

    mitha- It's one of my favs-Lakme 250 :)


  9. Marbear- Ya, me too...lots of uncomfy shoes!


  10. Hi! I have been a silent follower of your blog for so long now! I love it!

    Since we are talking shoe woes here, I was wondering if you could help me here...

    I have a pair of peep-toe pumps (5inch heels) that are a size too big for me. They are pretty snug around the toes but slip from the back. Are there any kinda inserts that might help? I tried scholls liner but its so useless!!! Any suggestions?

  11. Swati- Thanks! Maybe u could try heel grips? I have a pair that slips from the back too. Sometimes I have to double the heel grips I got from Schol


  12. Wow, what a difference they make! Happy shoes, happy you!

  13. OMG..!!!!!!!!! Ty so sooo much for sharing this..!!! My feets r so small that i never find my size :( is always swings between size 34-35 or indian size 2-3.. :( Where do u buy your shoes from?? Do u shop online for shoes?


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