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BB Creams ~ Skin79 BB Cream & Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream + Powder

BB Creams- What's the deal?
BB Creams became cult products when Korean actresses and celebs revealed that BB Cream is the "secret of their beauty". They must have undergone laser treatments and had to use BB Cream during the recovery period.

What is BB Cream?
BB Cream, short of Blemish Balm, was initially used by dermatologists on patients who underwent laser treatment. The cream is meant to protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin.

I have used 4 BB Creams so far- Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream (talked about it here), Etude House Mineral BB Cream, Skin79 BB Cream, and Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream- with a matching Two-Way Cake Powder.

Skin79 Beblesh Balm ~  Doesn't 'Beblesh' sound like a mistake? Like, they meant to say 'Blemish' but didn't know how to pronounce it right or spell it? I mean, a neighbor in my hometown used to pronounce 'Sandwich': 'Swish' =D
This one has amazing skin softening properties. It plumps up my skin- in a good way. Available in 2 types- Pink Label & Gold Label. If you ask me what's the difference between this and the one in a gold bottle, I'd say they are exactly the same. I tested both and they are ditto. I guess Skin79 just wanted to offer a different colored packaging. Hot pink was my first choice, of course, and I love it! Available in only 1 shade, which is not so light. What's best about it is it doesn't dominate my skin, my skin dominates it.

Price ~ Around Rs.1200.

See how it made my skin look fuller?

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream & BB Silk Powder ~ Available only in some Asian countries. It also comes with a compact powder, which you have to buy separately. The BB Cream is quite thin- like a liquid foundation, so it's not my favorite kind. But when used with the powder, it feels complete. Love the powder, it's silky & lightweight. You can use it with a dry or wet sponge.

Shades:  I picked: BB Cream- 01 Fresh & Powder- 02 Nude Beige.

BB Cream- Around Rs.270
BB Powder ~ Around Rs.400

Powder comes with a sponge applicator

Swatches: BB Cream, Powder

What I think about BB Creams:
I think they are worth a try, especially if you have problem skin, that's sensitive to the sun. Even though they are on the thicker side, they don't break my skin out. If you have dry skin, it is THE product you HAVE to try out. Most BB Creams always look too light, but once you blend the stuff properly, the whiteness disappears (at least with the ones I have used). 

Whether or not they've improved my skin? To some extent, yes. I see less lines on my forehead & around my eyes. They are not miracle workers, but they are definitely worth trying. With regular use, I think they could change how your skin ages.

Coverage ~ Light to Medium coverage. If you want full coverage or have spots & scars to cover, a BB Cream won't cut it, you'll need a concealer.

How To Use:
I use it alone or under foundation-like a primer. Just use a tiny amount and spread evenly. Since I have oily/combination skin, I have to apply powder on top. I sometimes use it as a concealer for my under-eye areas.

What I expect from a BB Cream:
- It should be thick- thicker than any foundation. 
- It should have SPF higher than 15
- It should have whitening & anti-aging benefits
- Blemish control

Availability ~ There aren't that many BB Creams available in India. Right now there's only The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream, which has Licorice & Vitamin C that contols melanin production, hence has skin whitening benefits. I'm really tempted to try it out, but will wait till one of these finishes. Garnier has also launched a BB Cream, so it might be available here, well....let's hope it will.

Recommendations ~ I highly recommend Skin79 up there, Skinfood Mushroom BB Cream. I tested Skinfood Aloe BB Cream too and it's really nice. I also want to try BRTC BB Cream- It has has Allantoin, green tea, tea tree oil, Portulaca Oleracea, grapefruit and special indian bark. I want it coz it has Allantoin, which is also present in Mederma, so it's good for scars and stuff. Also the green tea lures me.

P.S: I didn't want this post to be too long, so I didn't write about the products in detail. You can always google or check the respective website to know more about their ingredients and stuff :)

So, have you tried any BB Creams?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Great post! I haven't actually tried out an authentic BB cream as of yet although I have similar products names as a tinted moisturiser. I've heard the Garnier one is fab!

  2. i am using Pure beauty Jasmine Water bb cream , i got from watson's thailand . A great product .. but hard to blend !!

  3. My friend is bringing me Missha's M Perfect cover BB cream for me.I'm so excited!I heard its one of the best..

  4. I 2oo luv my Skin79 BB Cream, it makes my skin so smooth, bt yup i 2oo wear it with powder on top othrwiz i luk oily face girl..... Love it... definately worth a try.... where did u gt urs....???


  5. The Skin 79 looks tempting but, I din find much reviews online to make an order online so I've ordered some Skin Food. I may order it next! Kinda going through a BB cream phase :) Thanks for the review!!

  6. Im eyeing the skin 79 one since a long time now... I dont trust ebay for skin care that much so could you suggest any site for the same??? and can we use it everyday? like if I want to use it as a moisturizer?

  7. The maybelline one with the powder is interesting..I have only used the konad BB cream till now..:)

  8. i dint even know about BB creams :0
    now i know :D

  9. if we dont get the maybelline bb cream in england, i am going to sulk till the end of time. thank you for great great review xx

  10. Wow..BB creams. Wish they come to India soon. Atleast Maybelline should think of feeding our BB cream craving souls.

    Now I will keep nagging you with all my BB cream queries.. The one you have reviewed is so different and looks nice Cynthia. I tried the TBS one at store and didnt like :-(

  11. I have never heard of this before :(

  12. GG- Oh, want to try it!

    Jeeya- That one sounds good too, but too bad it's hard to blend!

    Kindy- ya that one is popular too. Good for u!


  13. Candy- glad u like yrs too!I got mine from Malaysia

    Eve- ya u can use it everyday. I prefer to use it over a moisturizer though- blends better. Maybe u can check out

    Appu- Skinfood is a good choice


  14. Bhumika- didn't know Konad has one :D

    Ginger- good :D

    Liloo- hehe....hope u get it then

    GGG- oww...that's bad news! Ya ya sure u can nag me :D. Ya, one of these drugstore brands should really makes some BBs


  15. That's an interesting take on BB creams. You've certainly tried quite a few. Never tried it myself.

  16. Is there a place to order these things online? especially the maybelline one?

  17. Hi Cynthia,

    Loving your blog.. came across your beautiful blog through ''..
    Loads of thanks from me, a person who is all confused about right makeup and choosy about cosmetic products.
    Thanks again for giving so caring yet simple beauty, fashion advices and reviews for certain products :) :)
    Keep us enlightened! B-) \m/

  18. Can you please suggest a store in Bombay wherer I can get the maybelline bb creme.? Pleasssseeeeeeeeeee

  19. Please suggest a store in Mumbai where I can find this ... Pleasssseeeeeee

  20. Been dithering over this for about 2 weeks now, after seeing Jen from frmheadtotoe use it heaps! Didn't want to buy it because it seemed so light though, since she seems pretty fair and it went well on her. But after reading this, I am getting mine online NOW :D
    Thanks for the entry! :)

  21. I am using Maybelline's bb cream....and love it

  22. Thank you so much for this Article ; I was searching BB cream for me and my Mom ; and thinking of to buy Skin79 BB . Do you think It will help my mom also ?? because she is not at all beauty addicted .. wanted to less makeup ..Please help

  23. Also .. one more Qs Is it Good for Medium Skin tone ? I am not fair :(

  24. Hi! I wanted to ask where you get your Korean/Japanese products from? Any website in particular? (Which of course ships to India :) ).
    Oh, and are you of Nepali origin?

  25. Hi! I wanted to ask where you buy your Japanese/Korean products from?
    Any reliable websites that ship to India? Or do you mostly go straight to the real shops? :D
    I REALLY want to buy Etude House but I'm not sure from where :/

  26. hi...........could you tell me from where you brought this and also the skin food bb?

  27. Hey there!!

    Can u plz recommend a good bb cream for combination skin? smth that will mattify my oily t-zone and give me radiance. do u think maybelline bb cream is the right choice?

    Thnx <3

  28. Just found this review.

    I have tried a few BB Creams. The Maybelline BB Cream, Body Shop Shiso BB cream and Skin 79 Oriental Gold. The first two seem more like tinted moisturizer to me. But I loved the Skin 79 Oriental Gold.

    Supposedly, original BB creams are made only in Korea. But a lot of companies have tried to make products similar to the BB (Beblesh balm) under the name of BB (Blemish balm). They can't name their products Beblesh balm because it is copyrighted to the original Korean companies.


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