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Too Faced Naked Eye Palette Review & Swatches

I think of the Too Faced Naked Palette as "The Other Naked Palette", coz my first choice was always the out-of-reach Urban Decay Naked Palette, Of course I was attracted to this one too, coz the packaging is more girly, younger-looking & prettier- in my pink-toned opinion. Come to think of it, isn't the "other woman" also younger & prettier, in most cases? Not talking about Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. No no. Hmm.... maybe she doesn't always look younger & prettier. Feel better? Because, I do! =D

Back to topic now. This palette has been my No.1 favorite/most used product for the last 2 months or so. It is amazing! I think I'm going to hit pan on at least 2-3 shades soon-ish. 

The quality of the eyeshadows is top notch. Apart from being super smooth & pigmented, they are all easily wearable shades.

Tucked in the flap are cards showing 3 different looks that you can create with the palette- Day, Classic & Fashion.

Pull-out drawer houses a dual-ended brush: a sponge tip applicator & an angled liner brush

  • In The Buff ~ Matte white 
  • Birthday Suit ~ Shimmery golden brown
  • Pink Cheeks ~ Shimmery pale pink
  • Pillow Talk ~ Light taupe with shimmer
  • Like A Virgin ~ Matte taupe
  • Satin Sheets ~ Pink/gold duochrome 
  • Unmentionables ~ Metallic grey
  • Lap Dance ~ Shimmery taupey brown
  • Stiletto ~ Matte black. 
Everyday favorites: In The Buff on brow bone, Pillow Talk on lid, Like A Virgin on crease & lower lash line, Stiletto as liner.

These swatches (taken on a very gloomy day & I admit, sloppy application) do not do justice to how amazing these eyeshadows look.

One con: Cardboard palette is hard to clean when it gets dirty. I'm trying very hard not smudge the eyeshadows outside the pans. I wish it was laminated & glossy.

Price ~ $36.00. I'm pretty sure I bought it for more than that from Sephora, KL.

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥ 4.5/5

Availability ~ Not available in India. You can purchase it online from or (Just info. I have never ordered from them.)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I have this but I've neglected it so much since buying the UD Naked palette I'm going to dig it out again though as your post has reignited my love for this cutie!x

  2. Those are such pretty shades! Lovely palette :D

  3. This is such a gorgeous palette EOTD too!! :D

  4. I really wanna buy the UD's Naked palette or atleast this pretty thing or both!....Ufff! seriosuly how many naked/neutral colors does one need to fill the insatiable want!

  5. Gorgeous palette cynthia, and im loving the names.Its like...lets do some pillow talk, with the satin sheets, ..and be like a virgin in the outer corner. Just to be a little risque, ill throw on my stillettos as an eyeliner :p

  6. I have hesitated a looooonh time between this one and the Natural Eye Palette, and I ended up by getting the Natural one... I don't know, the shades of the Naked Eye Palette just seem too matte for me ):

  7. I looooooooooooove you. I've made up my mind to buy Naked, but I also want the Naked, Natural and possibly romantic palette. Thank you for sealing the deal ;D Definitely buying this soon.

  8. Wow so pretty shades. Love the palette. Thanks :)

  9. Lovely shades for work & everyday wear. :D

  10. Saw them in a Kandee tute and in love wit this palette since then :D congrats :) EOTD??

  11. I really think this would be better than the UD Naked Palette. The Naked Palette had too many shimmery shades, which is just not the best for me.

  12. this is such a gorgeous palette! i haven't tried too faced yet but i have read so many good reviews about their products. :)

  13. Looks pretty but my eyes are on their Natural eye palette!

  14. Cali- will do..I'll be wearing it a lot

    laksh- Ur right, naked temptations all around :)

    pnb- lol...ya the names are so fun

    Gaby- there are only 3 matte shades there. I found the Natural too shimmery :)


  15. Eden- aww....glad I helped :D

    shweta- will do it soon

    KC- I know what u mean...I like the UD one, but I'm afraid the shadows will be too shimmery for my taste


  16. des sure look gorgeous !! very pretty shades..

  17. Doesn't ths cover all nude shades we need? Awesome :)

  18. Those swatches look amazing...makes me want to buy this palette! xoxo


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