Zoozoo Inspired Eyes

Zoozoos! How cute, right? Although I don't like watching cricket, except during the last hour & only when my country is playing, I don't really mind that the Cricket World Cup is taking over our living room these days, mainly coz of the Vodafone zoozoo ads! I just love them! If I'm in the bathroom, I would rush outside when I hear a zoozoo ad =D.
Just for fun, I tried to replicate the Zoozoo eyes :)..I see makeup inspiration everywhere, as you can see ;)

I used my favorite, and very easy to use- Loreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
I think I would actually wear a thinner version of this eyeliner style in real life. What about you?

My favorite zoozoo ad at the moment...

Isn't she a darling?! *.*

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. wowww so creative- ur eyes look like ure a cute li'l zoo zoo urself...
    brought a smile to my lips :d

  2. wow so amazingly cute u are so damn creative

  3. These are awesome! You're obviously great with make up, I'm completely the opposite! Haha

  4. Magali- oh..I'm sure ur not completely the opposite ;). Thanks!

    cnf- thank u ^.^

    Bhumika, eveolution- :)) thanks girls

    Thanks all for the lovely comments


  5. omg I love these zoo zoo ads :) cant get enough of them! British ads are unbelievably crap :/ Love how you replicated the look hun.

  6. Cynthia- 1 request! can I please re-create this look??? with due respect to u - I mean it will be credited to u totally :)
    I loved this look soooooo much- will wait for ur permission...

  7. Bee- ya of course u can! Would love to see your take on it :)


  8. Thanks Rashmi!

    GG- lol, ya I've seen some funny ads there. Thanks


  9. Hey Cynthia, Nice blog, just saw it today, some good work you're doing.

    And id there any contest going on with eye make up?

    Check out my Kesha inspired eyemake up look here:

    Anusha :)


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