Inglot AMC Liquid Face Blush Review & Swatches

I've been tempted to get the Inglot Liquid Face Blush, especially during the time when I couldn't get Make Up For Ever HD Blush. When the blushes were launched in India, I got cold feet, coz I read some bad reviews (words like streaky, instill doubts, obviously), even though I did like them when I tested them one too many times. Once, I almost bought one, but then decided not to at the last minute, coz the product looked too watery in the new bottle (testers felt thicker. Streaky crept into my head again.) Then I regretted not buying it when I reached home. You know the story.
Well, I bought it finally. Do I hear clapping?

Shade 82
Out of 8 shades, I picked 82, a pale peach shade, although I was very tempted to get a pink shade. You know me.

The consistency is like a liquid foundation. Easy to blend & non-streaky, even over powdered cheeks. It is somewhere between a cheek tint and a cream blush. Definitely easier to work with than a cheek tint, and not sticky like a cream blush. You can layer it- if you want more color (especially with this color I have.) I like the cute pump bottle, but you have to use the right pressure so you don't pump out too much. Overall, it's a good product.
The only problem one might have with this type of blush- Because it is like a liquid foundation, the blush could slip to areas where you don't want your blush to be, especially during the blending process. So, it's better to start with very little product, from the middle & then blend outwards. Dot, blend, repeat.
*Paraben free formula & not tested on animals. Shake well before use.

Inglot AMC Face Liquid Blush #82 swatches
*I adjusted the lighting accordingly to show the color as it is.

I used the small flat top brush of Inglot 24SS dual-sided brush (Review HERE ) to stipple & blend the blush
You can use fingers, any other brush, or a sponge, too. Anything you'd a apply liquid foundation and cream blushes with.

That's how it looks on my cheeks- subtly there. It will complement bronzer & any eyeshadow and lip colors.

For size comparison, here's Inglot Liquid Blush with Make Up For Ever HD Blush (Quickie #6)...

Availability: This blush is sold only in the Inglot store at Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj. The store in Select City Walk supposedly "has no more space for the blushes" according to the manager. ? I find that hard to believe, I'm sure I saw a space that can easily accommodate me and a monkey together.

Price ~ Rs.995
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4/5
Buy again? Yes. Pink next time ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. this shade is so natural..looks very nice on u..

  2. I have been trying to find a blusher justlike this for ages, one that makes your cheeks look a bit more refined but doesn't look like blusher. In the end I gave up and bought an Illamasqua bronzer duo which is perfect for me. I might have to take a look at this when I go to Inglot next. It's funny because whenever I go to their store, I seem to be blinded by the Freedom palettes and can't see anything else.

  3. The shade looks really good on you. I think I need to check them out...Thanks for the review!


  4. loved the shade and its lookin rly nice on you..

  5. nice shade it looks very natural, sadly inglot is not available in my country

  6. It looks fabulous on you and this is going to last for long long time..
    is this available in coral colours also ??

  7. Looks great on you, love how subtly pretty it is.

  8. Thats an interesting peach color, one i wouldnt have picked out myself (i am automatically attracted to pinky peaches and then regret buying them later). But seeing it on you makes me wanna experiment...wil check it out...im headed to inglot tommorow..and whattt?? no space for blushes in select city walk inglot?? Err...thats silly.

  9. Ooh, I want to try this! Good idea to use the brush to apply it with. Love the natural flush it gives. =D

  10. wow it looks good . I love your new banner :)

  11. Accomodate u n a monkey ... he he ;)

  12. does this cause breakouts?

  13. Anon- Not on me...so far

    Aarthi- hehe...;p

    LB- Thanks girl

    Ana- No corals, sadly


  14. anon- aww...too bad. Maybe Ebay then :)

    cnf- Thanks!

    pnb- I would've thought it's yr type coz u like Mac Lilicent

    Rhamnousia- hey me too! Who wouldn't get hypnotized by all those palettes?!


  15. Awwww.... pretty pretty pretty!!! blush and you both... m planning to pick up...but which is better cream or liquid blush??? i have oily skin..
    thanks for the review :)

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  16. @cynthia- ya i adore lilicent...but that goes on like a pale pinky peach on me..this was looking like a true peach yknow, without pinkness..or does it have a pink tone to it? ....its actually very unique, i havent seen a color like this anywhere!!..oh and i have no idea why u mentioned that the inglot store can fit u AND a monkey in it...lol...monkey???

  17. pnb- it does looks a little pink on the cheeks. Oh I just meant it has enough space for me n maybe another thing that's smaller. So I thought monkey lol


  18. Hey Cynthia - lovely colour. Gives u a 'just barely there' look.

    Plan 2 get a liquid blush - what do you suggest MUFE or Inglot?

  19. Ohh that Inglot blush looks really nice and I love that brush as well! I so wanna try Inglot now! xoxo

  20. i wanna try inglot!

    check out my blog love

    chelsea love

  21. Do you remember what other colors you were wearing in these photos? I especially love the plum-colored eyeliner, it looks great with brown eyes and I'd love to try it.


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