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Found Some LA Colors

A few days back, I came across LA Colors cosmetics and OPI Nail Polishes at a kiosk in Mega Mall, Gurgaon. The woman there does nails too- acrylic and stuff

I bought the 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadows in Circus. 5 bright & vibrant colors- Purple, Magenta Pink, Yellow, light Green, Electric Blue.

I bought it for Rs.270. Real cheap for the pigmented quality of the eyeshadows. The palette is sturdy too, and come with a dual-sided sponge tip applicator.

LA Colors Circus

Circus Swatches

The other 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow palette which caught my eye was Tea Time- a combination of metallic beiges & browns.

Buy again? Nope. They are great budget eyeshadows, but not the type I want to collect.

*OPI Nail Polishes cost Rs.550

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. They are cute, fun colors. Perfect for teenagers, IMO. I used to love colors like this when I was 16-17.

  2. are they pigmented..don look like in the pics ??

  3. i liked purple n pink...i knw u wud use all these colors so creatively that u wud look fab..

  4. ooh i would love to see tea time.. 270 sounds real good.. i'll check it out in my next visit to dt mega mall :) can you specify where exactly this kiok is?

  5. Rima- It's on the ground floor in front of Haldiram's. Tea Time has lovely colors

    Bhumika- That's sweet of u to say :)

    Ana- I think so...for the cheap price. I've seen worse

    AOYV- Ya great for teens


  6. i've passed by that place so many times :/
    i'll surely check it out next time i go there, thanks!

  7. Nice shades.. i have never tried this brand..

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  8. I am 13 and rarely have over $10. L.A. Colors eyeshadow is the best, and cost very little. I love the bright colors! You can mix them and they will look fabulous(:


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