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Colorbar Nail Treatment ~ My Nails But Better

If you don't have time to buff your nails, you could do with a product that will give you the same results in 2 minutes. For me, it is Colorbar Nail Treatment

Colorbar Nail Treatment can be used alone or as a nail polish base. I have only used it alone. I apply 2 coats and my nails look so much better, as if they are laminated. I really like the consistency of this product because it is neither runny nor thick. It is just right to apply evenly without any streaks. Hmm...I should use it as a base too.

It also claims to make nails harder, stronger, and grow. I didn't buy it for those purposes, so I don't wear it long enough to find out if it lives up to those claims. I use this when I don't want to wear any color but at the same time don't want my nails to look like a janitor's.

Colorbar Nail Treatment on my nails...

If you apply a white nail polish on the tips, Colorbar Nail Treatment all over your nails, and then a top coat, you have got yourself a French manicure. 

Price ~ Rs.195
Buy again? Yes.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. oh i like it!! & hopefully it will live up to its claim of making nails stronger too..will be totally worth the price then.

  2. Love this product, works so well as a hardener also :)

  3. i have colorbar nail treatment in white shade but this one looks certainly better:)

  4. very pretty..wud check dis out..

  5. Haha @ nails looking like a janitor's! Surely not, Cynthia! :D


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