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Bloop! My Famous Green Nail Polish

A few ladies have asked me which nail polish I was wearing in the Pond's Gold Radiance posts, so I thought I'd show it properly today.
It is by Bloop de Paris, which is sold in Malaysia (I don't know about other countries). First of all, isn't "BLOOP" such a cool name?! :). I see bubbles in my head when I say that word.
'Bloop!' And there they are :)

The shade is H198 ~ It's a gorgeous shimmery emerald green color, which would be perfect for this festive season.

If I see a dupe over here, I'll let you all know. Other Bloop Nail Colours I got....

Bloop Nail Colours are described as quick-drying, high gloss & long-lasting. I love the stubby looking bottles! 

H198 (on nails above), #Unknown, H543, 
The last 2 are clear top coats with hearts . So cute!

H116, H106, H564, H173, 

Bloop nail polishes are priced at about RM 7.90 (Rs.114) at the time I bought them. I like the quality and most importantly, they are quick-drying and don't chip so soon. The green one lasted for 2 weeks without chipping! 
Bloop does makeup too  now, with very cute & girly packaging and so affordable.

Have a Bloop-ey (bubbly) weekend all! ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. I love it! That green is so christmassy! You're making me want to go to Malaysia now! xx

  2. That is a wonderful shade CZ! Gr8 stuff & so festive :D

  3. WOW!all the colors look gorgeous!!

  4. i was also gonna ask u :p
    loved d shade..looks more pretty on u..
    n dos heart shaped clear top coats r actly cute !! :))

  5. OMG...those hearts are adorabllleee!!!

  6. dearest cynthia, thnq for the sweet msg! yes, i took a longggggggg break, indeed! I deserved one, infact :)

    by the way, the green looks so x-massy! may be, nail art with red and green doesnt look that bad! thnq once again, cyn...

  7. Lovely shades- especially the green and pink
    very festive :)

  8. Ooh! I love bloop! It was my last minute purchase at the KL airport :) They were having a buy2 get 1 free and the formula is amazing too :)

  9. Wow!! I want to see hearts on the nails. Please do the awatch soon. And Bloop: there they are!! you make me laugh!!


  10. that is such a pretty color! I love the bottles they are too cute ♥

  11. I love these shades...!absolutely adorable

    check out my blog at

  12. Wow love the color!

  13. These all look so good! I love the bottles too.

  14. Want to see how the top coat looks..

  15. Love this green colour very much.Lovely!♥xx♥

  16. I saw those in the stores but I resisted buying. Addiction getting out of hand. Haha! This green one is so vibrant and gorgeous. You chose well. :)


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