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Inglot Makeup Brushes Review

This post is especially for Ki, who wanted me to do a review on the Inglot 30T Eyeliner Brush.
Inglot brushes are much cheaper than MAC brushes, and  unlike most Sigma brushes that sells merely on the basis of being MAC dupes, Inglot brushes have originality.
I've only got 2 brushes from Inglot so far- 30T angled eyeliner brush & 24SS Dual-sided brush.
Here are my thoughts on them:

Inglot 30T brush 

Handle- Wood
Fiber ~Synthetic Taklon
Price: Rs.640

INGLOT 30T Brush

I've long been looking for a good eyeliner brush, and this just fits the bill perfectly. It is thin, pointed and angled which makes it very easy for me to make a thin and precise line effortlessly. It also makes a better wing than a slanted eyeliner brush for me. I highly recommend it!
Rating~ ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Inglot 24SS brush

Handle ~ Wood
Hair ~ Squirrel substitute
Price ~ Rs.1590

This is a double-sided multi-purpose brush with a very good-looking handle. Both brushes are very soft
I use the larger brush to apply powder, blush, bronzer. Since it's flatter than a regular powder brush, it's very easy to get it in smaller areas/corners, like the areas between the eyes and nose and on the under eye areas. The bristles aren't pokey, so you wouldn't necessarily need a powder puff to set your foundation without any streaks.

The smaller flat top brush is perfect for contouring & blending under the cheekbones, nose, chin & hairline. I use it to apply & blend concealer & powder under my eyes too. Great for applying highlighter on top of the cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and that little shadowed area right under your bottom lip.
Both sides shed a little bit, like most makeup brushes, but not so much that you have to worry about it going bald. The black bristles don't bleed while washing, in case you're wondering.
The bad ~ Hard to store it because it's double-sided. I keep it in the plastic cover it came in and then keep it in a cup along with my other brushes.
Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥4.5/5

I'm very impressed with my first two Inglot brushes, and I'll probably buy more!

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. LOVED THE 30T and great review girl:)

  2. Love your brushes, I must check them out asap. Thanks for the review :)

  3. lovely review honey :)
    must tell u one thing here ...
    a friend of mine saw ur blog yest or so .. and called and u know what was the initial reaction
    "IVC's cynthia is so good looking , she is so beautiful" .... hmmm now tell me what should have been my reaction ???

    m running from here :D

  4. Rashmi~ sweet of her! And u for telling me :). Thanks!

    beautydiva~ Thanks...they're great

    Ana~ I love it too


  5. loved 30T...nice...n cheaper dan MAC too...

  6. Okay so i'm getting the 30T :D thanks babe!!!

    I am also tempted by the dual one but the powder/blush side looks like my MAC 129. I do need a contour brush though... hmmm.... :P

  7. So glad u wrote this review! I was thinking of getting that slanted liner brush myself, since u have given it a thumbs up, I'll def get it now.

    Rashmi: lol, CZ is so pretty na!

  8. this 30T brush is such a hit na!!!! lovely review!!! and I totally agree with Rashmi's friend....u really are very pretty!!

  9. loved the 30T... got to have it ... :-)) ....

  10. hey nice rview..u know last time i had aked my bro to get this brush for was outta stock but now i asked my bil to get it along wid few more prods..m

  11. The 24SS is so handy, with it being double-ended but yeah, there's the downside with storage. It kills the 'streamlining'. Haha! I really should get myself an eyeliner brush like the 30T! Gotta find it from other brands as I haven't seen Inglot here. :)

  12. Witoxicity- haha...good one :D. Hope u find a similar one there


  13. thanks for the very helpful review,how do u store the 24ss brush?i've got some inglot brushes and they are really good and cheap comparing to mac except the 27tg ,it looses hair each time i use it,what do think of it

  14. Etab- I just keep it on top of my Body Shop Body Butter most times :). But I also keep it flat & wrap it in a kitchen roll. I liked the feel 24tg brush, but I had a duo fibre brush already so didn't buy it. But My Sigma one also sheds.



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