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INGLOT Face Blush Review & Swatches

I told you there'll be a lot of INGLOT posts this week :) . This time it's Face Blush or simply Powder Blush. Yeah, why doesn't Inglot just call it powder blush instead of 'Face' Blush? I doubt they're meant for all over the face, like MAC's Beauty Powders.

This is shade #32 (I'd name it Coral Twinkle hehe...nah sounds like a Christmas ornament lol) 
It's a really pretty coral shade with silver shimmer.

The first time I saw Inglot's shimmery Face Blushes I looked turned away so fast and never looked at them again during my next visits to the store. But when I looked at this one the other day, I liked the shimmer. I think the shimmer makes this blush fabulous, like Swarovski crystals would a plain coral georgette dress. The shimmer doesn't stand out much once the blush is on your cheeks, so looking OTT is out of the question.

adore this blush. I want to wear it everyday! Something about it makes me think of December, my favorite happy month :). I think I'll wear it on New Year's Eve if my outfit is anything but pink.
*Klutzy me dropped it on the floor but it didn't break *phew*

One small dislike:
Some of the shimmer can stray away from your cheeks (usually to near the nose) right after application, but since they're not the clingy kind of shimmer, you can easily brush them off. And you'll almost always have issues like that with shimmer anyways. so...

~ Swatches of #32~
Blended (with very little product) & Unblended. 

If you like coral blushes or already have a lot of them but still want more, you might want to take a closer look at this one, coz it won't be like the rest. It's not a Coralista & Orgasm wannabe, like most of the coral/peachy blushes out there. 

 #32: 3+2=5, so 5 star rating! =D 
Actually... 4.5/5

Price ~ Rs.640
*Paraben free & not tested on animals, not for eye area.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. This is so pretty. Now I want to try Inglot even more.

  2. pretty pretty pretty....but I have no access to Inglot here :(

  3. sorry was unable to leave a new comment so instead replying here. Its a pretty color. i so wanna try inglot myself and you are helping me in building my wish list by reviewing so many inglot products

  4. No problem Sarah. Hope u get them soon! :)

  5. Aww....too bad Ana. U can get when u come to Delhi

  6. Me too really loving Inglot these days...not only are their prducts really nice...the price is quite reasonable too :) this blush is really pretty

  7. aahhhhhh thank god i saw this post ... m so glad dear :) u did this just in time...
    m gonna pick this soon :) all thanks to you :) ....
    and duraline too :)

  8. I wanted to try Inglot blushes, but when I was there everything the girl recommended was sold out :(
    This is probably one of the blushes she recommended.
    I love how Inglot is so simple and doesn't try too hard. But I wish they'd name their colors instead of giving them numbers.

  9. Ya I wish they named them too! Too bad they were sold out girl


  10. Hiya! What a amazingly looking website you have! Did you organize this blog with our own help?


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