MAC Collections Launching in India Tomorrow!

Two MAC collections are launching in India tomorrow, Thursday: 21st of October,2010. Sidney Sheldon was wrong, tomorrow does come! 
So if they're the ones you've been waiting for, don't wait till Friday or worst, Sunday, coz you know how fast they run out over here and it's not like they send too many anyways.

One: MAC Fabulous Felines Collection....rawrr!

Leopard Luxe

Burmese Beauty

Palace Pedigree

Two: MAC Dare To Wear Collection

Dare to Wear is all about loud colors inspired by Lady Gaga. Consists of 6 lipglasses & 12 eyeshadows in bold colors....

Ban This! – Deep purple with multi-pearl 
Bold & Brash – Bright red with multi-pearl 
Dare to Dare – Light blue pink with multi-pearl 
Gimme That! – Bright fuchsia pink with pink pearl 
So Bad Mid-tone – Coral orange with pink and gold pearl 
Wind Me Up – Dirty bronze with pink and gold pearl 

Aqua – Subdued, pale greyed aqua 
Atlantic Blue – Bright violet blue 
Crazy Cool – Pale frosty lavender 
Free to Be – Bright true coral
Going Bananas – Soft lemon yellow 
Lime – Lime green 
Louder Please – Bright fuchsia
Sassy Grass – Bright grass green 
Shock-a-holic – Deep purple 
Sky Blue – Robin’s egg blue 
Winkle – Mid-tone cornflower blue 
Zingy – Bright sky blue 

So who'll be at a MAC store tomorrow? Unfortunately, I won't =(
But happy shopping to all you MAC-aholics! :)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. OMG...the fabulous feline collection. I wanted to get them in Malaysia but they were out of stock when i went to the MAC store. I want the blushes soo muchh..

  2. I didn't get anything from these collections. Both of them were not my style, at all. Hmm anything you like?

  3. I will skip dare to wear- its a bit too bright for me ! But fabulous felines looks interesting...will probably go take a look over the weekend

  4. I quite like the look of the feline collection, & I am just loving the lipglasses in Dear to Wear, I love such brash, bold colors in glosses..

    I hope you are feeling better now.. :)

  5. Hey Cynthia..Do yo shop from Strawberrynet? if so pls tell me is it safe?Do they send the good products? pls reply

  6. Actually I haven't really 'shopped' from them Debasree, but their products are authentic & have reached me quick & safe when they ship them. And I do know of some people who have shopped from them and were satisfied. I will be shopping from them soon when they restock the products I want.


  7. Feeling much better T. I love bold colors too...they perk me up! :)


  8. I checked out FF in KL but wasn't tempted when I saw the stuff, so nothing from that. Maybe some stuff from DTW, but not so sure. I'm saving up for the Villains :)


  9. Aww...tooo bad. They'll probably re-release them


  10. Villains is really nice. Nailpolishes will be sold out, as will be the magically cool powder. Get there asap...I'm so glad I got stuff from that collection even though I am broke as a joke. On my list now is the holiday collection tartan one...I want the pigments from that collection and also the blush sets.

  11. Ya that collection looks tempting too esp the teddy bears :D


  12. i don believe they have MAC in delhi but not in mumbai.... not fair: :(


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