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Benefit Coralista Vs Sugarbomb

I've been meaning to post this for a while now. Best of the two ~ Coralista OR Sugarbomb?

Most of you know how much I love my Coralista, right? It conquered Nars Orgasm too in my book of 'Battles of the Beauties' =D
Then along came Sugarbomb, and oh-my-god I was so obsessed with it! Even Twitter has some record of my craving for it =D

Okay, fast forward....

I was holding Sugarbomb in my hand at a Benefit counter in KL, and I remember thinking to myself: " this is Sugarbomb. Hah."
The compulsive shopper in me was like, "Oh, would you stop that and just take it home! =["

I told the very helpful SA there that I already have Coralista and would just like to see if they're similar. SA immediately said they are very similar, so no point in me getting Sugarbomb too. Now that's a good SA!
But me, still not convinced swatched and tried both blushes only to see that they are in fact very very similar (to a guy: SAME) but...

Coralista looked better. The coral in it just came out more beautifully, whereas Sugarbomb looked a tad too glowy/shimmery and somehow the coral didn't show up like I wanted it to.  

I'm not saying I don't like Sugarbomb. I'd probably love it if there wasn't a Coralista, but not in this lifetime. 

I feel that Sugarbomb is like a younger sister who tries to outdo the already popular & more talented elder one with bolder ways but fail (think ~ Dannii Minogue, Shamita Shetty, Riya Sen, Tanisha Mukherjee.)

I think Coralista is better so much that, even if I had finished it or hit pan, I'd still pick it over Sugarbomb. Nuff said.

P.S: This is just my personal opinion, so you don't have to agree with me. To each her own. Peace! ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. haha I like this :) I have sugarbomb and not coralista. I didn't get coralista because I already have a billion coral blushes. I enjoy having sugarbomb, but its not an absolute must have. I may get coralista soon, whenever my bank account (of my own money, not given by the rents) allows.

  2. :D :D if I ever reach the point in life where I will be debating which of these two to pick going with Coralista :D :D

  3. I agree with this, I'm soooo in love with Coralista too! =)

  4. Hmmmm I'm a huge fan of Orgasm (pun intended haha jkjk)but really, it's one of my fav blushes so I guess I really need to check out Coralista hey?? ^^

  5. haaaaaa...

    I'm not able to tell you a choice now..maybe when I have both of em in each hand and I swatch n try n all that..Till then with reference to your prev post..I'm with coralista..hehe

  6. I have so many prdts that appear *same* to my hubby, and I keep telling him there is a difference, albiet slight, but there is :D :D...

    Nice post, I enjoyed reading it, though I got neither of these :)

  7. very very similar [to a guy :same] - I like ths ;)

  8. I really don't have any idea about either of them but I could pickt the whole post up where you wrote: (think ~ Dannii Minogue, Shamita Shetty, Riya Sen, Tanisha Mukherjee.) :)

    I believe you and would consider Coralista the best!!


  9. Interesting comparision here, as of now I dont own any Benefit blushes but now I am tempted to try the Coralista as I love peachy colors!

  10. I have coralista already....but i realllllly want sugarbomb, do you think it would show up on me? i live in america and Im indian so its winter here now and im an NW35

  11. siri- if u really want it, then get it! :). It will show up like Coralista but different



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