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Perfect Handbag Blushes: Maybelline Angelfit Blushes

Absolutely loving these Maybelline Angelfit Blushes in Peachy Sweetie & Velvet Apricot.

I needed some compactly packed blushes that I can tote around in my handbag for touch-ups and these just fit the bill.

One is pinky-peach and goes with everything, and the other is an apricot shade for coral/peach & gold makeup days.

The cute soft angled brushes deserve a mention too.  They're very well-made and blend the blushes beautifully. And YAY! for the added mirrors.


Peachy Sweetie & Velvet Apricot

The finish is a tad shimmery, but the shimmer isn't the chunky kinds. They just give you a very subtle glow.

For about Rs.359, I think these are some of Maybelline's best.

P.S: The Angelfit range is Asia exclusive. So I doubt that they'll launch them in India, but we can only hope.....

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Aww.. another of those things the whole wide world gets to enjoy but us..

    Do you think the ones they have launched in India are similar? They do have similar names I think. Not sure of the shades & quality tho. The packaging is slightly different too :)

  2. these are soo pretty... i hope i get same shades here...

  3. hey i think we have some similar ones like these in India too...i guess the packaging is different..isn't?

  4. @Tanveer & Anamika~ If u mean the Expert Wear ones then they are a tad similar, but I think those have no shimmer


  5. love the apricot one and the packaging is so cute. and affordable too, so u won;t feel bad if it gets a couple of scratches accidentally. Will have to check Maybelline. My Benefit georgia blush is a delight, but I have to be so careful with it in case I drop it or worse:(

  6. Hi
    Are these launched in India?

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  8. Nice blushes, I like the coral one. These remind me of the BarryM bushers xoxo


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