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The Cute SMILE Cup That makes Me Happy ~ From Archies

This is totally unrelated to make-up. Hell, it's a CUP! But beauty? Yes. Coz it's so beautifully made, I had to share it with you girls & guys.

I bought it as a gift for "someone" (hi, honey!:) ) who doesn't like anything but video games, but I'll be using it coz someone doesn't drink a lot of tea/coffee hehe...."A gift for you, but it's actually for me" ;p

I present you the Smile ~ Happy Everyday Cup 

Isn't it a cutie?! ^.^

I bought it from Archies at Select City Walk, Delhi. 

It comes with a steel heart-shaped spoon and a wooden coaster.

The spoon stands coz of that little round magnetic thing right there

There's a message on the heart-shaped spoon too.....

"A Spoonful Of Devotion"

The Silly Smiley under the cup :P

Guess how much I bought it for. 

Rs.299. 2 frickin' 99! Can you believe it?!! I'd buy it if it were any price under a grand, seriously!

Do you also want a cup that makes you SMILE? 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Thats so cute..How do you always manage to spot such cute things??

  2. I am going to Archies this weekend, and this thing bettttter be there..and no gifting to for me and me and me only...though I did like your idea too :D :D

  3. GGG~ hehe...they spot me I think coz they know I'll adopt them :D

    Rads~ lol...hope u find it!


  4. that looks soooo cute!! It'd defo make it happy on a bad day.

  5. me wantss...

    buying when im in del next..or maybe i shud check local archies

  6. Hey, I bought this same one as a gift for's super cute and the standing spoon is so much fun!! :D

  7. It's Really Cute!!!I want it too! xoxo


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