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July Favorites ~ Featuring Colorbar, MAC, NYX, Marc Jacobs, Body Shop etc

I am loving so many things right now. These are just a few of my favorite things. Must-have products and worth every penny!

Marc Jacobs Daisy (RM.213.00)
Marc Jacobs Daisy is THE perfume for the girly girl. I just couldn't leave it behind when I left Delhi. If you tend to get motion sickness while travelling and strong perfumes make you feel nauseous, this is the one for you coz the fragrance is so soft & subtle. Plus the bottle design is beyond cuteness, would you really care how it smells? ;)

The Body Shop Body & Leg Shine (Rs.875)

If you like showing off your legs, this could be your BFF. It adds a lil' bit of oomph to your body. I think applying it on your whole body can be a bit much. I'd apply it only to my legs & back (if wearing backless), collarbone & arms if I'm not showing my legs. Once applied, the bronze doesn't show, except for the gold shimmer. When the sun or lights hit your skin with this on, the glow is hard to miss. It smells good too- fresh like a deodorant.

  • Olay Creme Ribbons body wash (Rs.190)~ My favorite body wash of all time. So so creamy! Smells delish too.
  • Himalaya Oil Reducing Face Wash Gel (Rs.40)~ Lovely! Smells good, doesn't leave my skin feeling tight after washing
  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration 2-in-1 Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner (Rs.179) ~ Sometimes using a separate conditioner can get mundane and tedious. It leaves hair smelling coconutty and feeling soft. However, coz my hair gets so frizzy these days, I like to use a leave-in conditioner afterwards.

L-R: Colorbar I-Glide Pencils (Rs.325) ~ Cocobar, Jaded
Mac Art Supplies Pearlglide Pencils (Rs.920 each) ~ Petrol Blue, Almost Noir
  • Colorbar I-Glide Eye Pencil ~ Must-haves. Glide on very easily without having to tug on the eyes and available in pretty shades.
  •  Mac Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner ~ I had this only in Petrol Blue at first, loved it to pieces, and went to get Almost Noir too. They are so soft and the shimmer in them is gorgeous.

NYX Cream Blush in Glow
The name says it all. This cream blush brings out the most natural-looking glow to my cheeks. It is a pinkish-coral shade that would suit anybody.

Colorbar Powder Blush ~ Just Earth (Rs.250)
The cheapest blush I own, but one of the best! The texture is quite similar to MAC Sheertone Blushes, in my opinion. Go get it now!

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed this post.
Have a wicked week ahead! ;)

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. hey...few of the thingsin this i love
    Color bar blush, pencils, swear by olay cream body wash..

    glad we share some common taste:)

  2. Daisy is my new favourite perfume too! I got mine in the EDP version. I love the scent!! I will be trying to smell myself all day when I'm wearing this!

  3. lovely stuff you've got there hun!

  4. I'll try the colorbar blush soon now that you've given it a great review! CAn you do a swatch?

  5. the perfume bottle is soooo cute! daisies are one of my favourite flowers, so pretty!
    the body and leg shine is a good product for you since you wear shorts and skirts! legs have a tendency to be paler in comparison to the rest of the body. my arms and legs look like they belong to two different people :P
    the colorbar blush is amazing, i have it in trace gold but can no longer find it on the website. has it been discontinued?
    i am looking for my first cream blush. how do you apply yours? i was thinking of getting the small stippling brush from mac.

  6. Nice stuff! I love the perfume bottle! soo girly and cute! must be a good one to try!
    TBS body and leg shine is something I need to get my hands on pretty SOON! xoxo

  7. @Rima ~ haha...give them some sun :D. I saw Trace Gold last time in their Select City Walk store. I usually use my fingers or the big Sigma stippling brush. But the Mac 188 is perfect for blushes


  8. @Ki~ Ok I will do a swatch


  9. @Anamika~ I'm glad too :)


  10. Ohhh.. The Daisy bottle looks so pretty! I have used herbal essences 2 in 1 hello hydration myself. It is quite good, but didn't moisturise enough for me too, had to use a leave - in.

    Glide on from Colorbar are very nice, so is their blush. I have it in Plum Brown & quite like it :)

    & The NYX cream blush.. Glad u liked it :).. I love it to bits myself ;D

  11. I bought the Olay Body Wash upon your previous recco and loving it so much..Smells yummylicous. Mine is almost over and am gonna buy again.

    Me too wanna see the CB blush swatch :-)

  12. i ve been eyeing the petrol blue liner eversince u reviewed it!

    Btw where do u pick up ur NYX products from?

  13. omg. getting very very innerested on that tbs body and leg shiner. i hope it doesnt leave a tint but just put on shimmers on the legs

  14. hey
    just came across your have a very interesting space here and i will sure be back fot more..lovely blog..keep up the good stuff

    P.S: i also like the pink background..:)

  15. I rarely wear perfume but that Marc Jacobs Daisy is beyond pretty! =)

  16. @Wanderlust~ I bought NYX from ebay :)


  17. gee ,, such good stuff , Colorbar blush is my favorite too =)
    Really hoping to get my hands on the cream blush by NYX !! *Prays NYX to come to Delhi*


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