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Guess What These Are.......

My first guesses when I laid my eyes on these were: 
  • Vases. But where do you put the flowers? Huh? *confused*
  • Fancy water & wine bottles
  • Some kind of show pieces
  • Rolling pin (nah...I'm not that dumb =D )
  • Bottle style piggy bank! lol.....
  • Umm...I don't know, but I know I want them!

Umbrellas, silly! ;)

Aren't they oh-so-cute??!! Man!I love the Chinese! So innovative.

The bottles will prevent the water from leaking, so you can put them right in your handbag!

I bought these from Miss Jo 
Price ~ Rs.499 (grey) & Rs.599 (cream)

What do you think of these umbrella designs? Yay or Nay?

♥ Cynthia Z.


  1. Wow! I love these.. I thght they were fancy water bottles :P

  2. These are a huge YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY :-) I want want want want wanttttttttttt these....

  3. I totally want one! I thought they were cute perfume/deo bottles lol

  4. Lovely!! I kept wondering until I saw the umbrellas!!

    <3 it!!

  5. So cute :)
    I want them now :D, specially the cream one ^_^

  6. I want the cream one.. though i never go out in rain.. but then these are so cute..!!!

    How do you always accomplish buying something cute when you go out..??

  7. i knew those were umbrellas i's righttttttttt lol. those bottle-shaped umbrellas became a hit in manila a couple of years ago.

  8. err i thought they were mascaras (totally misjudged the size!) but umbrellas? how cute is this?

  9. What? No way! I thought they were perfume bottles! So cute!

  10. No way! That is shocking, wouldn't have thought it was an umbrella! Haha, so cute and dinky. xx

  11. I love these bottles!So cute!I want these too;)

  12. Cute!!! I totally thought they were perfumes! :)

  13. Me too thought that these were perfume bottles but never could imagine that umbrellas resided in these bottles.Very very cute indeed.

  14. This is cute and I am tempted to buy it but I hardly use Umbrellas..:D

  15. oh They are it is I love buying umbrellas though I never use them...


  16. Soo...damn sweet..

    I love them..and me wants :-) Does she sell online?

  17. i have one with the cow picture on cute..

  18. Oh my! I would have never thought of these as umbrella designs! sooo innovative! I WANT these!! xoxo

  19. Wooow these are sooo cute!!! I wish we got these in India!! hvnt seen thm around


  20. Woah! * O *
    I thought those were some weird perfume bottles...then I realised that they were larger so I gave up and thought they were some secret weapon type of thing..LOL
    xD Umbrellas!!! Friggin' genius! Plus,The bottle is a good wet bags!

  21. these are the cutest yet :)
    how can I buy them in India??


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