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What's New & Tempting? Garnier Mineral Deodorant For Men & Women

Garnier Mineral Deodorant is a 48hr anti-perspirant with Mineralite, a naturally absorbent mineral of volcanic origin. It lets skin breathe and is quick-dry and soft to the touch

Enriched with Perlite which has 5x the absorbing power of talc. 

I don't know why, but I'm excited that even deodorants are going mineral now !o! 

Range for Men: 
  • Absolute Dry ~ 48hr protection even under extreme conditions of heat and stress. Has a woody masculine fragrance
  • Extreme Cool ~ Designed to give an instant cooling sensation with 48hr protection. Has an aromatic fragrance (?) lol
Range for Women:
  • Extra Care ~ For waxed and shaved skin (WooHoo! Don't you just hate it when it's hot and you can't apply anything on your underarms coz you just shaved?) Has a delicate and feminine floral fragrance
  • Absolute Dry ~ For ultimate 48hr protection under extreme conditions. Has a powder fresh fragrance.

And if you're a John Abraham fan, the pic and the video are for you ;)

These deodorants are priced at Rs.150 for 150 ml.

I'm definitely getting the Extra Care one!
Anyone else tempted by these Mineral Deodorants?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. first i heard of a mineral deo :D

  2. @shoppingaholic~ No idea...yet to get it :)

    @Maki~ Me too :D


  3. Sounds so interesting - mineral of volcanic origin for a deodorant. And to have a hunk to launch it, that's icing on the cake. Hee hee!

  4. Drool drool ..John Abraham..droooooooooool droooool..was he saying something??? Oh excuse me..drool drooool :P

    And I NEED the extra-care one!

  5. mineral deo? That's new. I thght we only got mineral makeup. But absol dry appeals to me, shd do well in the muggy weather here!

  6. heyyy i got this a couple of days back. it's excellent! lovely fragrance and 0% alcohol! the reason why i never used deos was because they would make my skin all scratchy but this one doesn't dry out my skin at all! must buy product. :)

  7. @Rima~ Hey, that's nice. I like it too! In fact, I have even used up mine :)

    Btw, I had done a review on them a while back.



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