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Review ~ Etude House Precious Mineral Make-up Essence

Guerlain Light Diffusing Perfecting Primer Dupe?

I think look-wise that's the closest to a dupe as it can get, what do you think?

What it is:
A pre-makeup essence (moist cream + pearl-infused makeup base)
Makeup Essence promotes better adhesion of makeup by moisturizing skin and blending skin tone with coverage for a longer lasting and more natural look.

How to Use:
After skincare regimen, apply essence to all areas of the face. Pat to finish.

When I laid my eyes on this at the Etude House Store, I had no idea what it was but I had to have it,  for the mere fact that it looked can't find the right word for it...interesting? Yes interesting. And cute! I love those little balls in the bottle.
Okay, after the novelty had worn off, it didn't hold my interest for long. First of all, the iridescent particles are pinkish-purplish. which might be good for very yellow Asian skin tones, but on me, they make me look too pink since I already have a bit of a pink undertone. The first time i used it, I applied a little too much and yes, I did look like a disco ball in the sun.
As for whether or not it made my makeup last longer, I don't think this have any special 'adhesive' because my makeup looks the same 10 hours later with and without this on.

Now on to the good things about it. If applied minimally (only on the areas where you would apply a highlighter), it will give the effect of the "inner glow" and I've noticed that it does shrink the pores a bit. 
More good things.......
  • Once pumped out, the balls come out as a gel-like cream which is very cooling and refreshing when applied
  • Mattifies the skin
  • Suits my combination skin, and I think it would suit very oily skin too.
  • Pump bottle is cute and hygienic. Not to mention high quality.

As you can see in the pic above, it does illuminate the skin 

So, all in all, I don't regret buying this at all. But I think I'd like it better without all the sparkle. 

Repurchase? Nope. This will still last me a long time and by then I'll be very bored of it. 

Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ For the product. ♥♥♥♥♥ For the innovation.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Skillfully done!Really beautiful,Cynthia!


  2. oh ! is it available in India ??
    Btw the packaging is really cute !!

  3. @Kata~ Thanks girly :)♥

    @Palak ~ Nope...Not in India girl, unfortunately


  4. You are right, it is such a an interesting product. I would have bought it based on its cuteness only. :P

  5. Cool dupe! I am also taken in by the gorgeous packaging, and I heard that Martha Stewart swears by this. But you are right, it may be too pink for desi girls. You should use a non-latex sponge and apply it to your cheekbones. It's like you have a Strobe Liquid dupe on your hands.

  6. cute cute cute..

    But I would turn a blind eye towards it after reading the review

  7. It Looks quite frosty and shimmery, would definitely make a good illuminating product for the whole face, the packaging is too cute :)

  8. wow so shimmery! I doubt that I would be able to wear it without looking more oily (especially when the weather is hot hot hot!). I like the fact that etude house always comes up with great product with cute packagings though, they're definitely one of my fav asian brands! :)

  9. LOL @ disco ball in the sun! Really?! The contents of this product look very similar to those of my Jane Iredale liquid foundation. Even the pump bottle looks quite similar. :)

  10. What an intriguing product! nice review :D


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