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Lucky #22222 Birthday Giveaway! You Get To Pick =) (CLOSED)

Hi all, this is my Lucky #22222 Birthday Giveaway. It is open internationally and to anonymous readers (those who don't have a blog as well). So, please don't hesitate to enter! ;)

Giveaway has 3 categories:
1st: Will be only for those who read and comment in my blog often! Fair enough? hehe... and I will hand pick them myself when I go through the entries. Also the TOP COMMENTER's name will appear twice in this list (yet to know who it is myself)
2nd: For Everybody! (old and new followers)
3rd: For everybody again

***The products are all products which I like myself. I haven't bought them yet. As some of you know, the Delhi heat is melting some of my makeup products, so I don't wanna risk it. I want them to be all BRAND NEW & FRESH when I send them to the winners.

The prizes below are for the winner from the 1st category.

  1. 1 Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick
  2. 1 Lakme Aquashine Lip Color
  3. 1 Lakme Eye Pot
  4. 1 Himalaya Under Eye Cream
  5. 1 Lotus Herbals Kajal
  6. 2 Colorbar Nail Lacquer 
  7. 1 Lakme Enrich Lip Color
Prizes for 2nd & 3rd categories: The other 2 winners will win....:
  1. 1 Lotus Kajal
  2. 1 Lakme Enrich Lip Color
  3. 1 Colorbar Nail Lacquer
  4. Lakme Eye Pot
***All winners will get to pick the shades of their choices

    To enter, you need to:
    • Be a follower of this blog, obviously! =)
    • Help spread about this giveaway by posting about it in your blog (blog post or sidebar)
    • Comment below stating your email id along with your entry (links and all)
    Extra Entries:
    • 1 extra entry if you tweet about this giveaway
    • 2 extra entries if you follow me on Twitter as well
    (Basically, your name will be in the list 4 times if you do all 4 things stated above)
      Please enter in the comment section of this post ONLY ONCE (so that it's easier for me to count) with the links to your tweet/blog post

      For those of you who don't have a blog/twitter ac, just enter by telling me what you like, dislike and what you want to see more of in this blog ;) (and yes, I can handle constructive criticism.)

      Giveaway will end on the 12th of June,2010 at 12:00 am IST and winners will be announced shortly after that.
      Winner will be chosen using

      THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT......(Just a song I ♥, a lil' too intimate but hey it's a 'thank you' song...=) )

      ........and GOOD LUCK! ;)

      ♥ Cynthia Z ^.^



      1. Hey!!

        Enter me please.

        I am a follower of yourblog and follow you on twitter as well.Will surely retweet about this give away too:)

      2. Hey Cynthia! Just wanted to wish you a very happy Birthday! p.s don't count this as an entry, I will be entering soon :)

      3. enter me !! let me just say i love ur blog , i love ur reviews , i would love it if you can do more tutorials ,i just became ur follower on twitter too ! God bless

      4. hey cynth happy birthday! too lazy joining contests but this thing i cant let pass!
        we dont have those brands here & i wanna try lakme cosmetics.
        i just placed an ad about your contest on my side bar.

      5. Enter me hunna! :D It goes without saying that I love ya blog.

        I just posted about your giveaway in the sidebar of my blog.

        Tweeted it right now as well,

        You know I stalk ya on twitter :p


        Congrats on the followers!


      6. Congrats on your followers! :)

        I'm a happy follower of your blog :)

        musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

        and I follow you on twitter as well, as musicalhouses too

        i love your giveaway - ive heard so much about lakme, but it never seems to be available here!

      7. Congrats girl, way to go, wish u many more subbies :)

        I am a regular follower.

        I blogged about ur giveaway on my blog. Link:

        Also, tweeted about ur giveaway.

        Pls enter me for this giveaway!!

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      9. enter meee lol. I follow you everywhere . haha will make a post about it and retweet too :)

      10. Hii enter me pls :)
        im allready ur followers
        and put ur giveaway link on my sidebar "awesome giveaway " here :

        i follow ur twitter and tweet here :

        thank you , really want to try india products :D

      11. Enter me please :)

        Following the blog and I read it regularly too :D

        Here's the blog link (your giveaway is in my sidebar) -

        I tweeted about the giveaway and I'm following you on twitter -

        email id -

      12. Hey congrats..!!

        I like that your reviews are short and to the point and i love to c the posts in which we get to see the lovely lady herself, also i love your frequent hauls..!!
        thought hard but there's really nothing that i dont like..!!
        I'd like to see more Fotds, Eotd, Ootd kind of posts.. they are fun.. also it would be great if you could do some tutorials..!!

      13. Hey Hun enter me :)

        I've posted about your giveaway in the 'giveaways' section of my blog:

        I follow you on twitter (2 extra entry)

        My tweet (1 extra entry):

        My email id:

        Thanks for the fantastic giveaway xoxo

      14. I'm already a folllower so I'd love to enter!!
        Happy birthday to you doll!!!

      15. Enter me!!!
        I retweeted:

      16. Cynthia!! Happy belated birthday! Please enter me in your giveaway too^^ I posted about your giveaway on my sidebar and my email is tammy(at)tummycake(dot)com

        Hope I get lucky!!!~ XD

      17. hi, enter me please
        happy blossom bday :)
        i am your follower :)
        and i also put your giveaway in my left side bar :)

        email me :)

      18. Me too me too
        Regular reader (PS...even Manjit reads it lol)
        Following you on Tweeter
        Tweeted bout the giveaway.

        email: anitatrooperbora@gmail(dot)com

      19. seems to be a fabulous contest...receiving those makeups for free..!! sadly i cant do much xcept email due to my xams...anyways...i want to tell u about all that i would love to have ur reviews on....
        i think i emailed u...beginners skin care kit..:)..cheers..

      20. count me innnnnnnn :)
        u know I stalkyou on twitter as well lolllllll

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      22. hey im a follower XD 'london's beauty'

        and i've posted a link on my sidebar

        I've followed you on twitter too! X:D

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      24. ekk i wanna win.. umm if i dont even first , second or even third proze i will settle for one lotus kajal :P
        you know i am a follower here and on twitter.. right?
        i tweeted about it here

        and blogged about it , just check the giveaway tab on top
        im loving your pics on side bar.. asusual gorgeous. ;)

      25. I follow you now! Please enter me.

      26. Heyyy Cynthia..Am signing up for this giveaway and keeping my fingers crossed. Posted about your giveaway on my blog sidebar (

        myweekendrambings at gmail dot com

      27. Hey pls enter me...BTW Happy Birthday may you have many more..birthdays and giveaways :)

        Follow u here and will do so at twitter in evening...


      28. Hi there! I am definitely a follower and on twitter :)

        Enter my giveaway when you get a chance- it ends Sunday!

      29. hey !
        Enter me too !!
        I'm already a follower on Twitter and on blog too.
        I will post about your giveaway on my blog too :)

      30. Hey Happy Birthday !!

        Enter me please.

        I am a follower of yourblog and follow you on twitter as well.Will surely retweet about this give away too:)

        Follower name: Silverstargirl

        Twitter id: Silverstargirl2

        my email id:

        I tweeted about the giveaway and I'm following you on twitter -

      31. enter me pls! am a follower and happy happy bday!!

      32. hey...
        i am a new reader of ur blog and must say a HUGE NEW FAN. simply love ur reviews and ur style of writing.
        i am a dentist by profession (MDS). i have been studying dentistry for the past 10 yrs n never found time for anything else. but now..i think makeup is becoming a passion. and what better way but to get help from ur blog. ur doing a great job gal!! keep it up.
        i dont tweet so am not able to follow u on twitter presently. :(
        but i sincerely hope u'll take notice of this new fan.

        dr shikha baghi

      33. @Shikha~ Aww...thank u so much! Oh how can I not take notice?! lol. Never mind about Twitter :).


      34. Hi Cynthia...I'm a huge fan of your blog!...Love reading ur posts but a bit lazy to comment ;)...Please enter me into the giveaway...I would love to see more OOTDs...You looked really cute in the one you did :) would be great if you could put up the prices of the apparel too...As for what I dislike...I don't dislike anything abt ur blog!!

      35. ooohhhh... I hope I am not too late!! I wanna participate!

        Congrats CZ on the 22222 achievement! I follow yr blog, even follow u on twitter & I posted about your giveaway here:

      36. Sorry i forgot to mention the link where i tweeted abt ur giveaway

      37. I'm a follower :)
        I'm also a follower on twitter !! :) @hunnylovins

        Ive posted the giveaway on my sidebar on my blog


        Thankyou for the opportunity so excited for this !!

      38. Great giveaway, please enter me!

        I'm following you using bloglovin and i did mention your giveaway among other give aways on my dutch blog


      39. Awww thank yo for throwing this generous giveaway hun. Would loveeee to enter! You are so thoughtful about the top commenter thing, neat idea. :)

        Following you obviously and will post this on my sidebar soon.

        my email is ulfianarsm06 (at) gmail (dot) com

        will tweet about it too! :)

      40. Hey, I really liked that you that even non-bloggers are included in this giveaway. I wld love to take part. I am a follower of your blog and also following you on twitter. I also twitted about this giveaway. (I am very new to twitter :() [ /urmi_bmf ]
        Dunno how many entries will I earn considering I dont blog :P
        One thing that I like about this blog is that it is very youthful.I look forward to your posts I LOVE your taste in shoes!! :)

      41. Hey, I really liked that you that even non-bloggers are included in this giveaway. I wld love to take part. I am a follower of your blog and also following you on twitter. I also twitted about this giveaway. (I am very new to twitter :() [ /urmi_bmf ]
        Dunno how many entries will I earn considering I dont blog :P
        One thing that I like about this blog is that

        my gmail id is urmister (at) gmail (dot) com

      42. Hey,

        I've been following your blog for a while. Just hadn't gotten around to commenting yet. Sheer laziness :P I've added your giveaway link on my blog at

        My email is

        Toodles and keep doing what you're doing cos it works so well :D

      43. Yah! Enter me please!

        I'm a follower!

        I've linked your giveaway on my blog sidebar here:


        ID: Rena

        <33 Rena

      44. im in! :D
        i just blogging recently and falling in love with make up :) love your reviews and blog ♥

        i dont know how to link this page to my blog, cause im new at blogging :(

        i already tweet about this giveaway and follow you on twitter :) my id : vic_anit

        hope i can win this giveaway ;)

        thank you cynthia ♥

        my gmail id

      45. Hi!

        I'm a follower and I posted your giveaway here:

        I follow you on Twitter and I tweeted:

        Thank you!

      46. Hi, happy birthday!

        I'd like to join your giveaway

        I'm a follower and added your giveaway to my sidebar


      47. Enter me pls :)
        Posted your giveaway in my sidebar:

        Followed you on twitter:My twitter id: wednesdei

        Tweeted about your giveaway:


      48. I'm finally here! Count me in please. I've put a link to your giveaway on my sidebar. You know my contact details. :) Thank you!

      49. Hi,

        Count this as my entry, also following you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway :)

      50. hi...forgot to mentio my twitter username: its mbi9

      51. i know i'm soooo slow on this Cynthia! haha.. But enter me!!! :D

      52. hhhheyyyyyyyyyyyy
        mmmmm urrrrrrrrrrr follllllloooooowerrrrrrrrrrrr
        plzzzzzzzzzz enter MEeeeeeee

      53. hi cynthia..i just wantd to say that u saved me from disappointment many tyms!wenevr m confusd about some product ,i google abt it..n ur blog is always in the top ten ders no way that i can ignore it...well nybody who googles new products hs to go thru ur blog ...
        ur opinions are letters written in gold..n always work for me
        so cheers to ur effort..n thanx a lot again

      54. @Dejavu~ Hey, thanks a ton for that! I'm happy u find this place helpful :)



      I ♥ finding little notes in my Vanity Case, so do drop one. I read all of them & I try my best to reply to each & every one of them [check back in 2-3 days =D] but most times it's physically impossible! Either way, I love to hear from you & really appreciate you taking the time out to share your thoughts <3

      Thank you for reading! :)