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Inglot Lip Duo Lip Gloss Lip Paint Review

I'll just straight away tell you the Pros & Cons of the Inglot 
Lip Duo Lip Gloss Lip Paint in #23.

~ Pros ~

  • Oh-so-cute little double-sided square pot
  • The texture and finish of the lip gloss and lip paint a-m-a-z-i-n-g!
  • Don't wear off too quickly
  • Very moisturizing and glossy without the streaks
  • Paraben-free and not tested on animals
  • Two colors to mix and match
  • Smells yummy!

~ Cons ~
  • Because of the hot Delhi climate, both products melt into each other and in a way, are forced to 'make out' XD. I mean, some product from one side has gone on top of the other, making it hard for me to use the one under it.
  • Because of the melting, when I close the double-sided pot, some of the product oozes out from the sides and the gap between the little hinges, making the outside messy >.<

  • I tried putting the pot in the fridge, but when I took it out it became harder to open. I'm afraid the hinges will come out and break the pots into two, like the testers at the Inglot store (Select City Walk, Delhi)
Okay, would I buy this product again?
YES. It's too cute to resist, but probably just one more =). The truth is, even thought all the Cons have to do with the packaging, I wouldn't want it any other way.

***  I might try 
placing 2 square butter papers (or those transparent sheets that come with palettes) on top of each pot and see if it'll prevent the messiness.

Price ~ 
Overall Rating ~ ♥♥♥♥♥ + .5

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. You're sooo lucky because those kind of Barbie pinks look so gorgeous on you, Cynthia! Hehe great review on this product, sucks to hear that it melts into itself though!

  2. Like Tammy said, these pinks look so gorgeous on you Cynth..

    The melting part is very unfortunate though..Cant imagine what would have happened if it was in the handbag..eww!!

  3. ooooh!!! it looks sooo pretty!!!
    shame i wouldn't be able to rock that colour!
    looks great on you though!

  4. As GGG says, I wont be able to put it in my purse. looks good on you :)

  5. The color looks lovely on you! Shame that the designing of this box has not been well thought of for such kinda weathers, I would suggest you to keep it inside the fridge to avoid it getting melted again.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I love the cute little thing its packed into.....

  8. I saw this in Inglot but thought the same thing - what if it breaks?! :P

  9. oh my!! I will purchase it in winters may be.Btw a similar thing is happening to my body shop lip butter. It is melthing like no body's business. Grrr..

  10. So cute.I love this:)
    Have a nice week,Cynthia!


  11. oh dear, that's quite unpleasant to see. i would love to carry such a thing around and show it off, but..!

  12. found a solution for the heat hun,

    it immediately reminded me of your melting inglot gloss so thought I should let ya know :)

  13. The pink looks really good on you. I'm still smitten with the cute packaging but it's such a pity with the melting and "mixing"! That's really messy, I can see. Gosh, it must be REALLY hot there now!

  14. OMG! i wld have never imagined something like this wld happen! But the color looks super on u! :D

  15. Great review! I just purchased 3 lip duos. I haven't tried them yet as I've lost my lip brush but they look great & yes, smell very yummy. Can't wait to try them.

    Thank you for the heads up on the melting. We had a super hot humid Summer in Sydney, Australia last year, so I won't be using it in the hot weather.


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