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Hello #222 =) (Giveaway Coming Soon)

Hi all,

Remember that "magical" number I was waiting for, for me to host a Giveaway?
Well it's here!

This blog has reached '222 Followers' Yay! *Hi new followers!*

I will announce the Giveaway on the 22nd of this month. That's my birthday =)

The giveaway will be open internationally and it's going to be a little different....will tell you on the 22nd. 

And there will be more than 1 prize!

For now please comment below and tell me your favorite :
  • Indian cosmetic brands
  • Lipstick shade
  • Color

I just wanted to do this little announcement while the number is at 222 =)

Thanks all for the support.

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Yay first comment!! :) :)
    Fave brand... does Ayur count as a m/u brand? I love their sunscreens. Lippie would have to be anything glittery and red, and color fave - blue, red, fuchsia, maroon and green as long as they're fluorescent bright! :P :)

  2. ooh congratulations! i'll reserve the birthday wishes for later :)

    well to answer your questions-
    1. my favourite indian brand is biotique
    2. my favourite shade of lipstick is toffee
    3. my favourite colour at the moment is peach

    excited to know the details!


    1. My fave brand is biotique..and also Blossom Kochar
    2. My fave shade of lipstick is Raisin Ambre
    3.Favorite Colour is lotus pink..


  4. 1. my favourite indian brand is biotique
    2. my favourite shade of lipstick is Viva GlamV
    3. my favourite colour at the moment is fuschia

  5. Yay !! Congrats girl :)
    1. My fav cosmetic brand is Colorbar and Maybelline and Bourjois .. and and Max Factor too. Heck ! How come you ask such insensitive question? Its like askin a mother ,who is her fav. child !:P
    2.My fav shade of lipstick is my MLBB shade which is a mix between Colorbar's Irish rose and twig :D
    3.Fav color these days is Coral. Didn't I rambled enough about my coral fix already!
    Btw my mum's b'day is on 23rd May ,just after yours ^_^

  6. Happy birthday in advance :)

    Favourite brand? Biotique, I guess. :)
    Favourite lipstick shade- Matte pink.
    Favourite colour - pink!

  7. Hey grt... congrats.!!!
    whats the secret behind 222..??

    My fave brand COLORBAR and LOTUS HERBALS
    My fave lipgloss (not a lipstick person)CORAL
    My fave color BLACK and PINK

  8. My fav brand is Loreal and body shop
    Lip gloss coral and body shop
    fav color white and pink

  9. and sorry for got to congratulate you for your222 blogger...Hope you soon see 555:)

    Best wishes!!!

  10. Congos!! :)

    Fav indian brand: Colorbar USA :P
    Fav Lipstick : Tuskan bronze from colorbar
    Fav shades- peachy pinks

  11. Heyy..congrats on the 222!
    Fav indian brand?? There was this cream that mom used to always buy - Charmis. Superb for banishing dry skin.
    Fav Lipstick: Chanel - Great Copper
    Fav colour: Am thinking something bright and cheery - yellow like the sunflowers :-)

  12. yay congrats on lucky 222! my birthday is also on the 22nd ^^ hmmm i'm not too familiar with indian makeup brands so unfortunately i can't comment on that...but my favorite lipstick shade is from nars - barbarella...and my favorite colours are mauvey-pinks :) what are your favorites, cynthia?

  13. Happy birthday Cynthia.

    I don't have a favorite Indian brand except for Lakme, which everyone seems to hate. lol.

    my favorite lipstick will have to be something from Chanel. I just love the formulation, its moisturizing and rich.

    Color will be red or a classic pink!

  14. Congrats sweetie and happy early bday! Here are mine:
    1) I live in the US, so I don't have a favorite indian cosmetic brand.
    2) Haven't found an HG shade yet, but I do like Maybelline Sensational in Warm me up.
    3) Favorite color has to be white. I love white furniture, white clothes, white everything. I dont know why, it just looks so modern and elegant.

  15. Hey! Congratulations on the magical 222 and Happy early Bday to you hun!

    I am not very sure of my fav Indian Cosmetic brand but have surely discovered a few good ones thru your blog! such as Colourbar, Biotique, Lotus Herbals, Lakme, Ayur etc.

    Fav lipstick: atm its Peach & coral.
    Fav color is Red :)


  16. Congrats girl, way to go...wish u many more followers :)

    1. I live in US now, but while I was back in India, I always used Lakme
    2. Fave l/s has to be NYX B52
    3. Fave color : BLACK

  17. Congrats girl for reaching the magic number so here goes my list:

    Indian cosmetic brand:Lotus herbals (i guess , i dnt use many indian brands now , but love products from this range thier sun blocks were life savers in my college days )
    Lipstick shade :Tough one coz there are too many :)) but most favourites will be Mac Fresh Brew ,YSL rouge pur in 132 ,chanel rouge allure shade Intuitive and Benefit's Make Nice
    Color :Blue !

  18. Yay! Congratulations on your 222 (and more)!! :D

    Let's see, in answer to your questions:
    - I don't have access to Indian cosmetic brands here (not to my knowledge) but I have been very curious about Forest Essentials ever since you mentioned it to me a while back. Lakme sounds interesting too.
    - I tend to like coral reds for lips.
    - Black.

  19. Thanks all for the comments. Now I have an idea what the prizes should be :)


  20. Hey! Congrats!!!!

    wishing u even more success! :D

  21. 1. My favourite indian brand is biotique
    2. My favourite shade of lipstick is glossy or shimmer pink
    3. My favourite colour is pink always :)

  22. Thanks T :D

    @Aarthi ~ Thanks for jotting down yr favs. Do enter the giveaway when it's announced :)


  23. hi, i have just started following you, seriously speaking got this beauty bite just recently.....and Tanveer's blog led me to urs, having good fun, i guess the followers numbers must have increased.....keep doing the good work...

  24. Hi Rentu, thanks :) and welcome. Happy u visited



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