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I had planned to post this before the end of 2009 but....
So, here are all the products that I featured as 'Products of the Week' since the first day I started blogging. All the products are basically products that I love.

~ In random order ~

Etude House Kissful Lip Tint Chou

St.Ives Apricot Cleanser (Renewing)

VO5 Elixir

Mentholatum ~ Lip Ice Lip Balm

Himalaya Hair Detangler & Conditioner

Za Pure Shine Lips Lipstick

Benefit Blush ~ Coralista

Lotus Kajal ~ Review here

Pond's White Beauty Toner

Himalaya Purim Tablets

Pond's Perfect Matte

Bourjois Effet 4D Lipgloss

Revlon Beyond Natural Blush & Bronzer (Peach)

Mac Marbleize Lipglass ~ Funky Fusion

Garnier Aqua Defense ~ Review here

Review here

Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick ~ Review here & here

I'm sure I'm forgetting some because I didn't save them, but this year I won't make that mistake.

~ All the products above are so worth trying, if you haven't already ~

♥ Cynthia Z ^_^



  1. I love the st ives apricot thingy too :) It works great for dry skin! That MAC lipgloss luks soo funky. I wish all these products were available here too

  2. Hey hun! thanks for the post! I have tried the St Ives Apricot cleanser and Lotus Herbals Kajal, absolutely worth trying xoxo

  3. Aaaah i love St Ives! Their products are so good ;D I always mean to buy Lotus Kajal when i go to india but i don't. This year I picket up the Shaihnaz Hussain one which is really good, and the HImalaya one is fantastic!


  4. The loreal eye shadow looks great for smoky eyes. Pls do a EOTD if u can. thanks

  5. i have to agree, i loved bourjois glossed and lippies.xx

  6. I love this list! I see you're quite a fan of Bourjois! The packaging for Lip Ice lipbalm looks super cute. I've never seen that anywhere here before. :)

  7. I love st ives and Bourjois Effet 4D Lipgloss

  8. from the products you mentioned, these are the items that i tried, and loving:

    1. st.ives
    2. ponds toner

    i want to try more items from himalaya too!

  9. Thank you for sharing! I want to try the mac items

  10. def love the st ives scrub! and the lip ice lip balm is great too!!

  11. I love, the apricot scrub! It doesn't make sense that I haven't tried the cleanser. :) I hope your new year was great Cynthia! xoxo

  12. the himalaya conditioner is one of the things im going to wandering if u can do a review on it?

  13. Hey Cynthia, what do the Purim tablets do? I'm curious to know. The list looks so awesome, esp. the MAC Marbeleize!

  14. oh i love that vo5 shampoo and conditioner, i used it for a while..leaves my hair so soft!
    st ives just doesn't work for me, it broke me out :(

  15. great list! i haven't tried most of the items but definitely want to now :)

  16. Great list, I've bookmarked a couple of items! I hadn't heard about the 4D glosses by Bourjois, they sound great! XO

  17. Thanks for sharing, Cynthia! Gosh, I see a few items I'd love to try but have no access to. :( I'm intrigued by the Himalaya Hair Detangler & Conditioner.

  18. I love the Bourjois lipgloss 3D effet... it looks so awesome! Other than tht have not tried anything on the list.. The revlon powder looks interesting tho. :D & I have not seen tht Maybelline mascara in stores here..

  19. Awesome list. I am going to buy the St. Ives scrub once I am over with my HImalaya one. :)I bout the lotus kajal and i must say it is nice. I just didn'y like the cap. I have a feeling I would end up losing it sson. :P

    By he way I asked around for the Maybelline gel liner and no one had a clue about it. Not even at Kunchals. Where did you get yours from?

  20. love it, great blog! :)


  21. I am still scrolling, but nothing seems to appear! I felt kinda dizzy, but still I want more....LOL

    better dont make a mistake this year!

  22. Thanks all :)

    @Rati..I haven't seen it here either..i bought mine from Malaysia. I'm sure it'll come soon.

    @Witoxicity..yup i lovee Bourjois

    @Divija I won't :D

    @Tanveer..not sure if they'll launch the Maybelline mascara here but i hope they will

    @LPS...Ok I will do the review later this month coz I'm not in delhi rght now

    @Lavender...i will do the EOTD for u using just the open eyes :)


  23. What a beautiful list, I love it :)

    By the way I tagged you, it's a photo tag, hope you'll check it out ^_^

  24. Thanks for the list! Lots of stuff on there I need to try :)

  25. Hi Cynth, thanks so much for the sweet comments on my Photo Tag post, appreciate it a lot :)

  26. I've just bought my first benefit blush/bronzer, 10. really good!


  27. hey thanks for the list, i have tried the st ives thing, and its my holy grail, but pls can you do the review of each of these ones, i would want to knw whether it would suit my oily skin...thnx


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