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Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick Review

Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick is a satin finish lipstick which is pretty long wear. Argan oil and a selection of  fine and infinite light oils makes it ultra moisturizing.
I got this lipstick mainly for the fabulous purple tube and later found out the lipstick itself is pretty good too. It's satin luminous finish makes it less drying than matte lipsticks. It is available in 12 gorgeous colors.


It took a long time for me to decide which shades I wanted but I finally chose 46 Rose corset and 51 Rose seduisant ( Bottom row- second and third one in the pic above.)

46 Rose corset- Light coral color
51 Rose seduisant- Berry color (A great alternative to red lipstick.)

                          46 Rose corset

                     51 Rose seduisant

Click on this link to see another shade I bought later

Priced at Rs.650 and available at Kunchal's and Lifestyle stores.



  1. @ Cynthia the Fuschia luks Killer On u!
    I Loved #51 n # 57 both.

    i saw these lipstic's d odr day in a mall here in mumbai.. n i mussay i instantly fell in love wit dem...

    i simply love love love the shades of lipstic's Bourjois offer...

    n Cynthia trust me... i read ol ur bourjois product reviews yesterday..
    i was simply goin crazy...readin abt it n even lukin it..

    i was even tellin my bf abt how good the product is...(was so xcited :P)

    N Guess wat? he actually told me dat hez gona buy me Stuff from Bourjois n i was lyk Really :O my happiness knew no bound :D

  2. Hi Erica,
    Thanks a lot! As u can see I'm crazy about Bourjois too :). U got yourself a very thoughtful bf


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