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Bourjois So Delicate Lip Cream

I'm so obsessed with Bourjois stuff these days. Boy! do they know how to hook a girl with their packaging! And I'm a sucker for anything that comes in a cute and innovative package. I strongly believe that it's all about the presentation. Even with perfumes, I buy for the bottles not the smell =)
So delicate comes in 6 beautiful shades and I'm sure you'll find at least one shade that you'll love. They're velvet (read: matte) finishes but don't dry out the lips because they're made with coconut oil. Although, I still prefer to apply lip balm or gloss when my lips feel too matte-y. They're long lasting too, and if you need to re-apply, it's better to rub it all off first to prevent flaking. I noticed that my lips feel really soft after it wears off, it's as if I've used a good exfoliator.

Bourjois is available in Kunchal's and some Lifestyle stores in Delhi and Noida.
Priced at Rs. 575.

Here's my haul:

From left to right: 53 Rose Veloute, 55 Fuchsia Delicat, 54 Rouge Blush.


  1. Can you get this at a local Walmart or Walgreens? Or do I have to go to Ulta? You make me want this so badly *_*

  2. Anonymous~ I live in India so I don't know where to get there :). Hope u get it!



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