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Why I DON'T Gain Weight (Anymore)

Okay, jinx much? I'll probably balloon up after this post...haha! Thing is, a few people were waiting for this post ever since I tweeted it on Twitter about it a couple months back, and I promised somebody it will be up today  yesterday (such a proper Indian I am!)
Before you read the rest, I just want to say that I'm not obsessed with losing weight. I don't even try, and I can be a real glutton when it comes to the foods I love. Some of the things & tips I list may sound ridiculous, but they're all I know. I will only be telling you what I eat, what I don't eat, and some of my habits, that I do believe play a big part in my weight- or the lack of it.  

Brief Weight History
Then: I used to be very plumpy between my teens & early 20's. Verging on fat during hostel years. My stomach looked like I was at least 2 months pregnant (maybe 3), I had a double chin & plumper cheeks that pushed my thicker hooded eyes further down when I smiled. I could stand in front of the mirror for hours just lifting my top up & sucking in my tummy wishing it were flatter*. I also looked shorter because my body was rounder, obviously. And boy did I eat like a pig! Mountains of rice & potatoes, momos, cheeseburgers, bread pakoras, etc. I couldn't get enough of Vermicelli pudding & mishti doi (Bengali yogurt). My body made me so self-conscious, that I always made it a point to walk behind people, not in front of them.
Now: Now I have that tummy I wished for*. No more double chin , my eyes look bigger, I have cheekbones, my legs look a bit longer. I could be happier with my body, but at least I'm no longer self-conscious, and I don't have to suck in my stomach every time I wear tight clothes.
How? I simply stopped eating. Not because I wanted to lose weight, but because I got bored of food. I remember exactly what I ate during the time I started losing weight: 1 egg & tea in the mornings, tea & tea in the afternoons......dinner after 8. That's it.

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