Secret Of A Flat Tummy - Post Pregnancy

I wanna take a blog post to get real. 

For most women, post pregnancy flab just doesn't disappear into thin air. Especially for us who are too lazy to "sweat it". Although I've been loving & comforted by the compliments on my post-baby body that is back to pre-baby body. I can't help feeling a little guilty. Guilty of a white lie, or more aptly a black lie - i.e. a black corset panty thing. 

I'd say my main area of concern post pregnancy is the tummy (and hair loss, but that's another story), which I forget about most times, until I'm wearing body-hugging clothes. Then I'm reminded of how much I hate exercising and how much I've been loving McDonald's McEgg Burger & Pizza Express American Hottest Pizza.

So....when I want a dress to wear my gut & not the other way around , I have to bring in a mediator....

About this black lie: I love that it goes up to my rib cage. Just tuck everything in there kangaroo-style! I can wear it under anything, and I feel I don't slouch as much with it on. Adjustable hook closure makes it easy to put on. BUT it pinches some of the flab up, so you might want to complete the deceit with a longline bra or bralette.

I wore it under one of the most clingy dresses in the pic below....

(More pics here)

Shapewear styles that don't appeal to me:

1. Similar designs that don't have any hook closure. I have one and putting it on and getting out of it is a pain - literally!  

2. Full body ones - from shoulder to thighs. If you wear one under a bodycon dress or pants-top combo, and you're at a party, tell me, how would you go to the bathroom??? No, no, I don't want to hear take off everything! =D
For me personally, if I have to shape from top to thighs, I'd definitely pick a two-piece. 

3. Also, a full swimsuit style. Unless it's a two-piece/tankini style.

4. Oh ya, the super expensive ones. 4000 bucks?! I'd rather spend it on a dress/a handbag/Sephora/Chanel.... 

Of course those might work for others. Your body, your preference. I just want something that is pocket-friendly & bathroom-going-easy...haha!

Brand: Monomer
Size: Medium 
Price: Rs.999, but it was on sale - I think half off.

I got it from Jabong last year, but it is now sold out. It was available in a nude color as well (why didn't I buy it??!!)

There are a lot of other styles that might work for you. Found similar designs here & here.

You can also check out Next & Mark's & Spencer for shapewear.

Do you have to wear these things? 
If you've found your perfect shapewear, we want to know! =)

Thank You for reading & Have a great week!

I'm gonna start watching the tv series The Affair tonight, because it's been coming on cable & it looks like an interesting family drama. If you want horror, The Boy is quite good.

Talk again shortly.....


  1. Hi. I have lots of shapewear. There are slips which you can wear under bodycon dresses and the bikini ones have buttons at the crotch so you can go to the loo without removing all your clothes. Don't spend 4k, just buy them during the sale from Marks and Spencers.

    1. Slips! Yes! I'll check them out next time :D ...and good to know about the buttons!


  2. I almost shed my post pregnancy tummy flab by wearing a corset post delivery almost for like a full day and it seriously works, not in just hiding the flab but in cutting down it too :)
    Oh yes, when I saw you in that black outfit on Instagram, I could make out you had worn a corset underneath :p

    1. Hahaha...you're an expert :D Yes I've heard that wearing corsets or tying up the tummy helps in flattening it...but it's so hot here in Delhi to do that :D


    2. I know, I'm in Delhi too but I had to do it just for the sake of a flat tummy 😉

  3. Awesome post CZ ! i totally get what you mean by shapewear that doesn't have hooks at the back...such an effing pain to take off ! I haven't bought any shapewear yet because I don't wear bodycon dresses, but I'm thinking of investing in one, just for winters !
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  4. I'm searching for the perfect Shapewear from ages ;) ha ha I hopped in Marks & Spencer, but dint find anything interesting,.. I don’t know what I wanted in Shape-wear which I will be wearing inside my cloths, but wanted something fancy ;)The SA of Marks & Spencer was soo pissed off and I had to stop bugging her and run from there,.. 

  5. Oh, I've been on the hunt for shapewear. I have a few from Marks & Spencers, but they're just too stretchy and I feel like though I'm all smoothened out, the bulge is still there, and the shapewear sort of just stretches to accommodate me if that makes sense. This looks a little more restrictive as there's clasps to adjust it. Thanks, I need to try this!


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