Boys Will Be Boys?

Just wanted to share these pics I clicked yesterday - Mother's Day. Hope all you Mommies had fun with your little ones.
This one has started kissing and hugging back. By that, I mean biting my face and grabbing my hair.

My hair. MY HAIR! I think he pulls out about 10 strands everyday! =D

I wonder....

Are baby boys more rough? Or baby girls are the same???

Thank You for reading & Talk again soon!


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  1. He is damn cute Cynthia.. Wish to see more pics of him often :)

  2. Awww cuteness!! Don't worry cz.. My 5mo daughter pulls my hair too... Girls n boys.. Hardly much difference these days I say ;)

  3. Baby girls are the same..my niece did that too :D

  4. Mine little one just started to hold things and best she could hold is anyone hair, that's why most of mom goes for shorter hair after delivery

  5. I'd say baby girls can be worse! I have one and she will make me bald I swear :-) And wait till they start jumping off beds and tables, end up with a few mini cardiac arrests each day!


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