Warm & Chic With Voi's Winter Collection '10: Velour Hoodies & Track Pants

We see Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) wearing them all the time in Desperate Housewives & many celebs being paparazzied sporting them while running errands, Starbucks in hand. They are also Juicy Couture's trademark. I'm talking about Velour Track Sets. They are the 'it' things this season. Soft, warm, comfortable & so very chic! They're all I wear in winters. 
These are by an Indian Women & Men's fashion brand called 'Voi'.

Hot Pink pair (above):
Hoodie ~ Rs.1199
Full length Track pants ~ Rs.999

Going to the supermarket or the gym?

This is a grey with lilac undertones
Hoodie ~ Rs.1199
Quarter length Track pants ~ Rs.899

Velour Hoodie ~ Rs.1199
Terry Track Pants~ Rs.999

Fuchsia Velour Hoodie~ Rs.1099
Fuchsia Velour Quater length Track pants ~ Rs.899
*All the zip pullers are silver.

Other colors available in these pairs: Electric blue, Dark emerald green (not launched yet), Brown, Black & Peach.
*Baby pink fluffy slippers with polka dot bows are my own: La Senza

About Voi:
Established in 2004, Voi is the in-house brand of the company that manufactures clothes for brands like Guess, Billabong, Quick Silver, Roxy, Jessica Simpson, Passport, to name a few.

If you want to get a pair of these for yourself, you better get them fast, coz they are selling like hot cakes! Current offer:
Buy 1, get 20% off
Buy 2, get 30% off
Buy 3 or more, get 35% off

You can visit any of their exclusive outlets to check out their complete range of Women's & Men's Autumn-Winter Collection '10/11.
Voi stores in New Delhi:

Shop No. G - 11, Vishwadeep Tower,
(Opp. Van Heusen), District Center
Janakpuri, New Delhi - 58

Shop No. G - 46, Ground Floor,
Center Stage Mall,
Sector - 18, Noida

Shop No. UG - 20, First Floor,
TDI Mall,
Rajouri Garden,
New Delhi - 27

1/42 Mall Road,
Tilak Nagar,
New Delhi - 17

The company will be GIVING AWAY 1 set to one lucky reader of this blog, so yay for that! ;). But I'm not sure which color yet, coz these ones will be out of stock soon. So, I will do a separate post for that shortly. 
Do check out their new Facebook fanpage HERE & get updated with the latest offers. 

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^

Disclosure: These were sent to me by the company for consideration.


  1. oohhh i love these! i've got an orange velours tracky set, i call it my mooching gear, feels sooo comfy

  2. i love Voi and shop a lot from there....almost every tome I cross the store and I go to Center Stage Mall a LOT!!lol...btw, u look super pretty in those ^_^

  3. Manju- hehe...mooching gear, I like!

    Srish- U do?! Nice! I love it too :). Thanks girl


  4. I love velour sets! =) I want the fushia color..

    Too bad we don't have a Voi in Phx..=(


  5. so so so damn sweet..i want them all..and those fluffy slippers of urs...I am flicking em..lol..hahah

  6. u looking so pretty n cute..!!
    nice...loved dos colors too..

  7. You look soooo cute!! Velour sets, star bucks and their mani-pedi.. everything screams hollywood. lol

    I want in Grey...


  8. Jiya- yes very hollywood lol. This grey is a gorgeous color

    Bhumika- Thanks girl :*

    GGG- haha..oh noooo! lol. Thank u ;)

    Tiffany- Hope u see some over there! :)


  9. I always wanted something like that to wear ;D

  10. If I were you, I'd start modelling already XD

  11. Aww you're so cute! Heheh Stay comfy and warm! :)

  12. Oh i lovvveee these...these r like the cheaper versions of the juicy couture or bebe velour tracks...shall definitely participate in the giveaway, though i never win these kinds :(

  13. You look hotter in these than Ms. Solis herself! :D

    They look super cute & I wanna get them too now :D

  14. you are so gorgeous! you look great in anything xxx

  15. Hey Cynthia! I like the second pic! Beautiful! I have seen these on bollywood actresses like shilpa shetty when they travel!

  16. AOYV- lol..nah, didn't u notice I'm vertically challenged? haha..

    Tanveer- aww...I don't believe that but thanks! :D

    Pnb- Will announce it soon...n good luck!

    Uzma- Thank u :)

    Roshas- Thanks girl...ur too sweet

    Tammy-thanks girl

    Tinkerbi- U'll look cute in them :)


  17. hey all of them look fab..me got a same kind in grey wid ome bling from gangtok last year..jus lov it..so comfortable..

  18. Butterfly- With some bling sounds good!


  19. You looking so pretty Cynth and the tracks look super cool :)

  20. Oh wowww such cute colors...
    i want in Pink or grey will look so chic...
    and Cynthia me envious.. u so thin :((


  21. Eveolution- lol...oh no need to be envious, I'm sure I'll be fat someday ;D

    Aarthi- Thanks :)


  22. Oh, I love wearing these. The colours that you had on are all so pretty! :D


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